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Elon Musk warns Zuckerberg

    Elon Musk warns Zuckerberg

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    All About Musk It was rumored that a SpaceX rocket blew up the Facebook Now meta satellite.

    There were indications in 2016 that Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg were not best friends, with the Amos 6 satellite originally intended to provide faster Internet access in sub-Saharan Africa.

    However, due to an anomaly, the Falcon 9 rocket had to launch the satellite into space. To find out, during a test on the launch pad, the incident left an egg on Zuckerberg’s face as he was already in Kenya.

    Mean while then-Facebook CEO Zuckerberg (now Meta) expressed his deep disappointment at the launch failure, then a few years later Musk addressed it publicly, writing that it was his fault for being stupid.

    Yet he claimed he offered Facebook a free launch for it despite the cliff and the explosion wasn’t the best situation between the two sides, so today we’ll talk a little bit about why America faces a social crisis. 

    Big tech billionaires are among the first to speak up, though they express themselves in different ways unlike many of their peers.

    Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk decided not to directly address the riots in Washington DC after the world’s richest man said he was following the news and had a strong opinion of the events surrounding it.

    The US Capitol tweeted a meme that showed bricks falling like dominoes after police removed protesters from the Capitol grounds, to allow Congress to continue counting votes and authenticating election results.

    On the front were three small bricks labeled a website to rate. Women on campus who are referring to an early version of Facebook with the largest tile displaying a tweet by The New York Times Magazine’s Mark Leibovich reading the capital.

    Facebook was instrumental in fueling years of political and ideological polarization through its platform as Maym Musk called it the domino effect.

    Meanwhile, Elon did not shy away from publicly criticizing Facebook after Musk deemed Facebook lame in a tweet in February 2020.

    In which users were urged to delete their accounts in response to the company’s artificial intelligence lead criticizing their lack of knowledge about AI, calling Facebook useless.

    It was also an incident three months after a previous tweet in which Facebook removed a video of President Trump claiming that election fraud had taken place for at least two weeks.

    The platform barred the president from posting any and perhaps Twitter suspended Trump’s account for 12 hours, with several top tech executives publicly condemning the violence of the protests.

    For example, in a memo the head of Google called it anti-democratic, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared that those responsible for the rebellion should be held accountable.

    Meanwhile, when the Facebook CEO called the incident a dark moment in our nation’s history in a letter to his employees, Zuckerberg decided to suspend Trump after years of accusations.

    Trump, and its algorithms favored by right-wing media outlets and personalities, has been criticized for providing a platform to extremist groups involved in the riots.

    In addition to using Facebook to influence writers engaged in coordinated attacks on the site, including planning a full-fledged attack through a Facebook group, an incident that was still ongoing that night.

    Several Facebook employees have complained about decisions that have forced Zuckerberg to explain why he didn’t suspend former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for urging Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray. was requested to cut off his head.

    Despite all these incidents, Musk was invited to the Zuckerberg house in Palo Alto for dinner in 2014, accompanied by executives from Facebook’s artificial intelligence laboratory. 

    The Facebook team is believed to have tried to convince Musk that artificial intelligence was not risky during dinner.

    Musk reportedly expressed the opinion that I actually believe it is dangerous, though he has repeatedly warned that artificial intelligence may eventually outnumber humans, including technology journalist Kara Swisher.

    The relative intelligence ratio between AI and humans will be similar or may be larger than that between a person and a cat as the AI ​​gets smarter accordingly.

    We must exercise extreme caution when it comes to artificial intelligence progress, according to Musk, who declared it to be potentially more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

    Stephen Hawking concerns Zuckerberg has a completely different perspective on AI, he’s a lot more positive. He said that with AI in particular I’m really optimistic. I think people who are negative try to drum up these doomsday scenarios.

    I just don’t get it. I think, it’s really negative and in some ways I really think, that it’s so irresponsible, this comment was a direct shot at Musk.

    The one who replied that his understanding of the subject is limited, hence why he sees the subject in the different ways that he has put it. 

    I can’t just be Zuckerberg being pessimistic because that would mean computers are risky and certainly any company that relies on the digital world for its existence.

    She won’t be happy about that, meanwhile Facebook has consolidated its social media market share by acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp. As a result, its ambitions are expanding further.

    It’s no secret to the digital world that the Facebook company changed its name to Meta in October. Similar to how Google changed its name to Alphabet, there’s no doubt that it’s known for more than just a social networking mark. wants.

    Zuckerberg described the Metaverse during last year’s annual Connect conference as a way to project online experiences into the physical world as a really wonderful approach.

    In addition to unveiling beautiful new headsets brought to life, Facebook has also mentioned a new project called Project Cambria that’s said to be more sophisticated than Oculus Search.

    Its AI division trains robots to feel things with their hands so that they can better understand the world around them. The benefits of AI are major.

    Zuckerberg’s personal brand Musk, on the other hand, is driven by diverse interests, which he has taken on an ambitious move to colonize Mars, consistent with his belief that AI-powered robots present a threat to humanity.

    This point cannot be exaggerated, many believe that this is what needs to be done. A big part of Musk’s brand is saving humanity. This could be by building rockets on the Red Planet or by building electric cars on Earth.

    19 Pandemic Tesla’s factory in Fremont California decided to reopen against the local lockdown. In addition to calling the rules fascist, the CEO also threatened to move the company’s headquarters from California to Texas or Nevada.

    As a result, Democratic Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez responded that Elon Musk Tesla moved its headquarters to Texas, although Zuckerberg’s reaction was just the opposite.

    This is because he expressed concern over the country opening too soon despite the end of the lockdown orders that the eBook would allow all its employees to work from home permanently. People living in the house have benefited as compared to last year.

    Facebook users with Musk increased by 10 percent after this epic meme added to the riots at the US Capitol in January. Also on the social media platform, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla called their team in 2018. I was instructed to delete my Facebook pages.

    When it was revealed that the personal information of millions of Facebook users was collected without their consent by British consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which then used it to influence elections.

    Musk had bequeathed him to Facebook in connection with the scandal that required Zuckerberg to testify before Congress. Facebook has faced several privacy issues in the past, for example in 2019, millions of Facebook accounts were hacked.

    In which phone number, address and email were given. In recent news hackers announced that it will stop using facial recognition software that recognizes people in photos and videos and suggests who to tag and what is behind the decision? Concerns about this are increasing.

    What can be done with that information to be fair musk. Public Solar was founded by a cousin of Tesla discovered in the city, and has been accused of spending billions. He appeared in court to defend himself against the shareholder’s allegations.

    His infamous tweet about taking Tesla private got him in trouble with Seconds, although they are very different, have some similarities, two things for sure, though both will continue to attract billionaires.

    Pay attention but what to do in the meantime. You think about AI versus Musk. Zuckerberg Tell us where you are on this issue among your thoughts

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