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Elon Musk wants Twitter company to prove that less than five percent of Twitter users are bots

    Talking about deadlock Twitter is a new twist in the takeover saga Elon Musk is pouring more uncertainty over the deal He’s asking for evidence from Twitter He can pull the plug.

    The billionaire over the deal insists that Twitter has more fake accounts than it claims. But why has Elon Musk raised the issue, now that our next report tells you more about this bitter fight over bots, Elon Musk will once again walk away from the Twitter deal.

    A tweet by Elon Musk has started a firestorm four days ago, Musk halted his Twitter deal, he blamed bot accounts, Twitter claims less than five percent of its users believe bot Musk That the numbers are too high he is demanding proof and threatening to cancel it.

    Acquisition Plans Elon Musk’s latest crusade is publicly underway. He heads up with the current CEO of Twitter in Prague on Sunday, Agarwal published a lengthy defense. He shared how Twitter counts the number of spam accounts and the company. shared the details with Elon Musk a week ago.

    Elon Musk previously responded by asking why Twitter doesn’t just ask users to verify their identities. His next tweet was a poop emoji they’re creating tweet The price dropped below 38, which is what Musk is willing to pay for them.

    Musk is already distancing himself from that offer. Now Twitter is looking for discounts on the deal. Reports claim that the 44 billion offer is now giving it a coal feed.

    Musk wanted to use his Tesla shares to finance the deal but Tesla’s stock price has plummeted 30 percent, with the electric car maker losing nearly $300 billion of its market value. Fake accounts claim for Elon Musk. One can open the exit door.

    Elon Musk could potentially walk away from the deal if he can prove he was misled, but walking away now would prove costly to pay Elon Musk a $1 billion termination fee if the deal fails Will happen.

    The Twitter takeover battle has been a messy affair. Elon Musk’s ultimatum has only created more uncertainty.

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