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Elon Musk Vs Joe Biden – Why Elon Musk Hates Joe Biden!!

    Elon Musk Vs Joe Biden

    It seems, that everything is not going the way Elon Musk, it is because Musk does not have a very good relationship with the current President of the United States as compared to former President Donald Trump, although Elon Musk has a relationship with Joe Biden. of corruption has been exposed.

    Welcome to Elon Musk Power, President Joe Biden has been deeply disappointed by his failure to recognize Tesla. The presence and battle as a leader in electric vehicles has begun, as an electric vehicle summit hosted by Joe Biden last August included the values ​​of executives from General Motors Ford and StellantisChrysler’s parent company in his presidency will go.

    Can you see yourself as the leading electric vehicle?

    Musk expressed his frustration on Twitter in an effort to gain an understanding of what was going on for not being invited to an Eve summit hosted by the cle creator and president in the US the way he always does. When he answered Clean Technica’s question, whether White House would turn Tesla out of its Eve event, the most American-made Eve.

    Musk’s response was, yes sounds weird, that Tesla wasn’t invited, do you think, that was a mistake, or just coincidence, I’m interested to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Apparently Elon Musk was about to change the game with a feat. Biden did not get a chance for controversy on September 15.

    Four astronauts flew to space, a remarkable feat for humanity, the first all-civilian space team to orbit Earth flew from Florida on a SpaceX rocket ship where a billionaire e-commerce executive had three in Cape Canaveral. Joined by less wealthy private citizens, the amateur astronauts were led by chief executive Jared Isaacman and the founder of Shift 4 Pay and took off just before sunset from Kennedy Space Center.

    Wasn’t Tesla involved?

    The SpaceX webcast of Isikman’s launch showed his colleagues Sean Proctor 51 Haley Arsenau 29 and Chris Sombrowski 42 in space, their black-and-white helmeted flight suits bundled in one. The pressurized compartment of the gleaming white SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, also called Resilience, raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the Children’s Hospital of St. Jude, a SpaceX project that still hasn’t been acknowledged by President Biden.

    Continued without saying a word by word. Jude, why Elon So what’s your theory on this, then replied that he’s still sleeping uh-oh why is that because the former prime minister of Israel mentioned that Biden was. Joe Biden’s EV deal would unequally distribute electric vehicle tax credits to union factories that didn’t include Tesla, though it still sounds good, because Tesla doesn’t need government aid, then. Not only does Biden refuse to acknowledge Tesla’s achievements, but he also makes decisions behind closed doors.

    Meanwhile Mary Barra the CEO of General Motors was mentioned by Biden at the Eve summit as the reason why EVs is so advanced and Zoom, The call was also mentioned, that Elon was not invited to the Mary Bar, was mentioned during the summit, and Biden said, that he is one of the reasons we are all here today, He said that he had a long conversation with a group on a Zoom call.

    Wasn’t Tesla mentioned in the White House?

    Labor leaders and other prominent business leaders and he is maintaining his commitment, meanwhile Musk expressed his displeasure over Biden’s actions and elaborated on how Biden is controlled by unions at the Code Conference, Swisher told Musk. Responding to the tweet, Kasturi responded by saying how the administration has treated him.

    He said, you know, that Biden didn’t invite Tesla to this Eve summit. GM Ford had invited Chrysler, and an EV summit at the White House not once mentioned Tesla, and praised GM and Ford for leading the EV revolution. Maybe a little biased or something and you know this is not the friendliest administration it seems to be controlled by unions As far as I can tell now what is the truth behind some of the reports.

    Musk simply exposed Biden’s corruption in my opinion, Musk can’t directly level this allegation against Biden, especially since he retweeted the general last September saying that I believe Government should seldom impose its will on the people and while doing so must seek to maximize their cumulative happiness. 

    Said I would prefer to stay out of politics, meanwhile we can say that Biden had to appeal to unions and lobbyists.That any government leader does as you know, that the sole purpose of lobbying is to influence the opinion of public officials, and so lobbying is basically bribery, no doubt that every year the global motors Millions of dollars are spent on lobbyists every year.

    Do any of them have anything to do with UAVs?

    More than $7 million was spent on lobbying in 2021, a particularly important point, given that the government spoon-fed United auto workers, and UAW’s target as one of the nation’s largest unions Helping members increase their benefits at first glance. It sounds great, although UAVs charge exorbitantly, that’s because the workers have to pay to be part of the UAV.

    It’s 1.44, an impressive amount, but where exactly that money goes, a new investigation reveals, is a significant portion of the UAW’s funds, routinely illegally stolen by its leaders from auditors. The U.S. has discovered more than two million dollars in unreasonable expenses incurred by UAV personnel, including gambling gun purchases, car purchases, and child support payments.

    Worst of all, none of them have anything to do with UAWs, Elon Musk has publicly opposed unions in the past, and he thinks UAW fees are worthless, better profits without them. In the wake of Tesla being unfair, while it wields considerable power, and controls the government in a frantic way, I think Musk has received support from other billionaires as well.

    Billionaire Ron Barron, for example, is an early investor in Tesla, who finds Elon’s boycott of Joe Biden unacceptable, especially given the CEO’s positive impact on the world Barron, stating that everyone needs to stay at the forefront of EVs. Wasn’t crazy to say thank you, but not to invite Tesla, meanwhile unrealized capital gains are gains on shares that haven’t been sold yet.

    Has Tesla been compared with GM?

    1. Politicians are proposing that the tax be imposed. 10 Tesla will consider selling the stock so that it can pay a potential tax on the unrealized gains from the stock that, it seems, have only gotten worse when it was named.
    2. Tesla introduced the original Roadster in 2010 by Biden as the company that changed the entire eve industry, and has since released a model plaid that paved the way for the development of electric vehicles Tesla has achieved a lot, but Tesla Comparisons have been made with GM CEO Mary Barra. 
    3. As it revolutionized the auto industry, GM released its first electric vehicle in the 1990s, but discontinued the program a decade later.
    4. Elon’s mom Mae Musk, meanwhile, joked that Biden’s remarks from the 1990s may have been referring to GM’s employee value statement tweets from Twitter. 
    5. Users commented on Musk about how Biden’s statements slapped the faces of American Tesla employees who worked so hard to set the standard that Elon actually responded.
    6. Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, was on the leadership team of the Biden administration, and shortly after Biden’s speech, Kamala took a subtle shot at Tesla, saying that with the bipartisan infrastructure law we’re going to be building electric vehicles, and relying on other countries. 
    7. The future will be made in America, instead of living in the United States moving to batteries and parts. In response, Kamala defied Tesla, saying the Biden administration’s EV bill marks the beginning of a revolution in American EVs.
    8. It’s no secret that Tesla is truly America’s leading electric vehicle maker. who built electric vehicles, and they practically invented the ewe revolution, and it was too late for established automakers to seize the opportunity for electric vehicles, the majority of Tesla parts are manufactured in the United States . 
    9. Contrast this with vertical integration David sacked a reputed venture capitalist k Amla’s tweet stating the future is already here and was created by Tesla Epic gaslighting the White House.
    10. For first turning down Tesla at his Eve Summit and now pretending his union payments would be responsible for Tesla’s EV revolution, the transition to sustainable energy is a worthy goal no matter your political party in government discussions. Tesla belongs to that movement.
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