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Elon Musk tweeted, which left everyone stunned.

    let me tell you what he writes by free speech i simply mean what matches the law i am against censorship which goes far beyond the law if people want less free speech they ask the government to that effect to pass a law which seems appropriate.

    huh but what law is he talking about because twitter operates in more than 100 countries, each country has its own law, so elon musk is talking without any answer and that tweet is one of the serious ones One is, the rest are jokes.

    Memes look at this one truth, social is currently beating twitter and tik tok on apple store should be called trumpet. Instead for those who are thinking truth, social media is Donald Trump’s social media platform Trumpet Trumpet is considered clever wordplay.

    A lot of users find this strange a lot of Elon fans I must say but this is a serious matter twitter is used by politicians it is used by workers of government agencies it is important in disaster warning.

    Disaster relief is not a toy for the world’s richest man to play with people have real questions about the future of the platform Hate speech will be flagged for example fake news will be removed Ideally Elon Musk Questions should be answered.

    Instead he’s tweeting things like this is what next he’s buying coca-cola to put back cocaine or this let’s make twitter more and more funny what does that mean jokes as the next guy Enjoy too, but not when the future of global discourse is concerned.

    It’s not just policy, money is also starting to haunt investors like Elon Musk. We have to pay you $44 billion to buy Twitter a few days ago and that money is coming in two parts, one part debt, the rest approx. $21 billion comes directly from Moscow.

    Is he planning to arrange this money Billions. One option is to sell his Tesla shares. The only problem is Tesla is down 12 percent, so investors fear that Elon Musk will be able to arrange the money he promised.

    He fears that he might even cancel. deal now i know what you’re thinking cancel it after all this hype how can he do it elon musk has done it before in 2018 he announced plans to take tesla private he tweeted that tesla Funds were secured for this to be taken private.

    but in the end nothing happened Elon Musk failed to arrange the money and will he do the same with twitter the question is if he stands to lose a billion dollars he is worth more than 240 billion So the dollar is not a big hit for him.

    But it’s all secondary, what’s more important is the policy what Elon Musk will do in America on Twitter, they think it’s some kind of internal 4, well my point everyone can’t do what they think .

    that they can do especially when the future of our politics is concerned about our economy and our planet, think about it, wen is now available in your country, download the app now and get all the news

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