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Elon Musk & Tucker Carlson’s New Deal SHOCKS The Industry

    Elon Musk & Tucker Carlson's New Deal SHOCKS The Industry

    All of a sudden the United States is feeling like a one-party state which is a depressing feeling but it is not permanent our current stereotypes will not last long Fox News can finally express its feelings freely and we need to let it know it’s scary.

    Now it seems clear what Elon Musk is interested in, as Tucker Carlson recently shook hands with Elon Musk, which now puts the entire world on hold, what friends the two public figures are, we’re sure. Hope to hear some important news soon whether they are forming a new company or maybe we will see Twitter 2.0.

    What is Elon Musk planning to build with Tucker that will change our daily lives forever I don’t want to be a slave to Fox Nation which I don’t think he’ll watch anyway I’m like the representative of the American media who is now in Romania It all started when Tucker was fired, while not identifying the real reason Fox News Channel leaked.

    That says a lot. Can you imagine talking to your boss like you’re about to shake hands with Kasturi Tucker when she has been named as an outspoken opponent of progressive ideologies and a critic of immigration? It cannot be denied that Tucker was labeled multiple names by multiple channels right after he was fired from Fox News.

    His personality became the new talk of the town and favorite topic of discussion for all the news channels or some. Still wonder why the anchor was ousted from the show. Other news anchors are perplexed as to how a former news reporter who was known for hosting a TV channel in a matter of days, soon became the richest man in the world. announced his partnership with man.

    People were upset when Tucker was fired from the news channel, he lost not only his job but his reputation, fan base and even access to email accounts, which is pretty much it, Tucker hosted the show since 2013 Is. Which means it took him many years to make the talk show one of the most famous people, eventually people loved him not only as a host but also as an influencer and they wanted to live up to that image. take pleasure. Tucker made during the time Tucker was able.

    To top the talk shows, in 2020, around 3 million people were watching it daily. More than 4 million viewers made his persona a favorite topic for discussion on news channels, while some called him a right-wing extremist, others referred to him as a critic of immigration, saying that Tucker was not interested in his views on current world affairs. express opinion. Never hesitate to express. He always said out loud what he felt and when the Russian war started in Ukraine it seems like he took a pro-Russian stance, that means he supported Russia in Ukraine.

    Invasion of Ukraine so US military equipment and manpower are running out but we are sending advanced weapon systems but more of them in Ukraine will come in your country’s interest as you are last in the list of priorities no one to say denying that Offended by how harsh Tucker is when stating his views and making sure to communicate his point of view with authority rather than a bashful tone of voice when under attack, Tucker has never shown his hatred of Putin.

    Instead, his powerful and influential personality left onlookers wondering why he hated Putin so much. According to Tucker the world should not see Putin as the enemy, rather there is a lot happening in the world that people don’t talk about news anchors, he insisted that the real enemies are these white American racists, he All pointed to the business elite, who always act selfishly for their own benefit and complex race chains in schools. Tucker also raised his voice against the lockdown of America. In short, he expressed the opinion that he is the enemy of the world. And it’s not just Putin speaking politically.

    Tucker has always supported Donald Trump, although there are two sides to this story as well, while he supported Trump privately on all news channels, he thinks of Trump as nothing but a fool when someone so With power one can say whatever one wants without any fear. Because Tucker was on top. She expressed herself a little when it comes to her news anchoring game, her extreme side overtook her diplomatic side and she started giving her opinion on every matter.

    Until one day Tucker was fired from his TV show after Tucker was fired from one. The TV show was nothing but a shock to the world, the organizers did not give any legal notice, nor did they release any official statement mentioning the reason for the removal of the anchor, all it took was a defamation suit, a payment to the news channel Had to settle for a whopping $1.6 million, despite the positive image of the guy whose main target was Carlsen.

    The case was filed by Dominion Voting Systems, which blamed Fox for setting up the machine against Trump, the case was only against Tucker’s disagreement that the Trump Channel could afford it, but when they discussed the matter The court case got out of hand. Both sides passed several embarrassing messages and voice notes that threatened Tucker’s public image and were a major threat to the organization.

    This started a series of lawsuits. One of them was filed by Abby Grossberg, a former senior booking producer, for defamation against the anchor. Despite all these cases, the news channels have never told what is the real reason behind his sacking. Why it was pulled Internal sources claimed that there were several inappropriate text messages that Tucker had sent. It was also claimed that his domineering and domineering attitude set the channel on fire, which is where Elon Musk comes into the picture to have Tucker fired from such a famous position.

    It seems his only choice was to collaborate with Elon Musk. Twitter when he deleted his account to express his opinion, now that Elon Musk has acquired Twitter, it seems like a perfect opportunity for him to show his power to the world, Tucker also said that Elon On how much Musk has inspired him, he said that Elon Musk always believed in freedom while all the other big names CEOs like Google, Apple and Facebook think the same.

    About himself, Kasturi is a philanthropist. Since Elon Musk was the last guest on the talk show, their friendship skyrocketed, even after Tucker agreed with a lot of the statements Musk made about the growing population. Their relationship was so strained that they even signed a big deal together, with sources saying Musk offered her a big position at Twitter, agreeing with Musk’s statement as well.

    Confirming this in his tweet, the social media platform Musk said that I am thrilled to welcome Tucker as the new CEO of Twitter. I can’t wait to see what he does with the stage. All of a sudden AI is everywhere people not sure what it was or is it good or bad to play with it on your phone yeah so I’ve been thinking about AI for a long time it’s one of those things here Here are 45 things I thought would really dramatically affect the future.

    This conversation between Tucker and Elon Musk sounds quite interesting it seems they both are on the same page, Tucker agreed with most of Elon Musk’s statements and so Elon Musk took no time to impress, declaring Many people came to Anchor Shark because they never thought that Elon Musk would make such a drastic and impulsive decision, although Tucker has a huge fan base as an anchor, he also has zero experience with technology, people also feels that Tucker has always been known for voicing his opinion.

    Reflecting on controversial topics that could jeopardize his image as a CEO, Elon Musk still feels he made the right decision, according to Musk he chose Anchor for his amazing connection with people, Musk’s Have to say that Tucker has always interacted really well with people and he has a good impression on the audience now that Twitter is already facing severe criticism and backlash after Elon Musk fired most of the employees.

    He says this is what Twitter needs right now after the acquisition, Twitter needs to step up its game and gain a positive image that Tucker now has, Musk took this as an opportunity to offer him a position took. Tucker is very excited about this new position, in a recent tweet he tweeted that I am thrilled to be selected as the new CEO of Twitter and I can’t wait to bring his unique approach to this important role. Elon Musk has also discussed AI concerns several times, saying that there will be a time.

    When will AI replace all humans and before that time we need to make ourselves better than these machines, agrees Carlson, which is why he believes Elon Musk could have chosen him as CEO, Because they can both make the world better. Looking from the same angle, while people still wonder what New Perspectives Tucker could possibly bring to the table, it’s important to note here that Twitter is not where it is today as it was several years ago before the company folded. and made it one. top platform.

    Appointing someone who has no experience in this matter is a hasty decision, he said, Elon cannot be denied, Musk has always thought out of the box, SpaceX or Tesla whenever Musk When he takes a big decision, people curse him and make harsh comments. But Musk proves them all wrong in no time when some of us might think he didn’t make the right decision. Maybe they’ve already sorted it out with the anchor, that’s what Twitter needs in order to stay on top of the game.

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