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Elon Musk took all the knowledge of aerospace from the book without a degree

    How Elon Musk learned about aerospace without a degree, it’s amazing how the space travel entrepreneur managed to master such a complex subject with almost no ease.

    You might think he was born a genius, but it’s not. His classmates figure out Elon Musk’s method that will help you remember everything you read Ashley Vance’s former Elon at Pretoria Boys High School Writes classmate’s thoughts.

    They describe him as an attractively calm and brilliant student, although his wit and talents described him as being a very normal person, in fact they believed there were four or five boys who were most gifted. Was supposed to, but Elon was not one of them.

    He admitted that he didn’t look like he would be a billionaire. one day but look what it turned out to be, Elon Musk says he was raised by books, then his parents and was really like that, yet he behaved like a normal person to his classmates, he unknowingly was an avid reader.

    Kimbal, his younger brother who used to take volumes and editions of books, noted that Elon Musk read two books a day, spending at least 10 hours a day just reading his appetite for books. He ran away to study so he read the encyclopedia till the age of nine.

    Learning knew no bounds that her life was her interest in space programming and developed to preserve Earth’s natural resources as she spent a lot of time reading books on such topics as a Ted Wood Allen model rocket at school. and detonate them during the break.

    This was clearly an early sign of his aspirations to venture into the space business, with Musk also demonstrating his passion for conserving Earth’s resources when he passionately defended the use of solar energy instead of fossil fuels in the school debate. This was a holy step as the country was heavily dependent on mining fuel at that time.

    Even though he was not an academic elite, the public thought that he was one of the few students with good grades and self-taught skills, viable to participate in the school computer program experiment as his mother was in his high school. Recalls her years from the point of view of a mother.

    Elon Musk had a pretty incredible memory and according to him in mathematics the program he wrote at the age of 12 impressed even the most experienced technical experts of the time, which was the only reason he was not an elite student Was not interested in schoolwork because he did.

    Elon Musk confirms his mother’s statement, saying that she saw what grades she needed to get where she wanted to be, if she had no point being unlike a normal person. does not make sense. He would rather write software or play video games than succeed in the exam.

    If it doesn’t make sense, she remembers the subjects she failed in fourth or fifth grade, but then her mother’s boy friend told her to wait until she understood that she had to pass the exam to be promoted to the next grade. Why is it needed, then he will not be promoted to the second class.

    He passed the next exam and emerged as the best in his class, it may be true that Elon Musk has read much more than any living person, he has not only displayed a passion for books.

    Rather, the knowledge gained from books is also such a passion for books since childhood that when he was going from South Africa to Canada, he had a backpack of clothes and a suitcase full of books was his flight to Canada, but his learning It was a continuation of the journey.

    He enrolled there for physics and economics, which he learned from his own strength, he was far more ambitious in college than in high school.

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