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Elon Musk To Require Tesla Workers To Return To Office Full Time

    Elon Musk is giving Tesla employees an ultimatum to either return to the office or leave an email sent to employees.

    Musk said that employees need to work at least 40 hours per week.

    Otherwise the company will assume they’ve resigned from CNBC breaking business reporter Booty going in.

    They are embracing remote work or hybrid work systems, so why is it necessary to reduce the trend here it is precisely what it does it rivals the trend in most aspects, so it is very unique among tech companies Is.

    Notably, this actually runs counter to Twitter, a company it’s bidding for recently told its employees if they could all work from home.

    So it’s another Elon Musk, just the way he’s doing his job, that was addressed to everyone as you know which means engineer and you know we’ll call him C-suite or White-ko There are people at Tesla.

    But that’s exactly what he does. He likes to take things into his own hands and say everybody’s zagging when Zeke is hanging out I mean really quite on the brand.

    Although rob I have to ask I mean do you know how Tesla employees are reacting to all this we don’t know we imagine most of them probably know you work from their offices so we don’t know exactly whether it was targeted at certain employees or not.

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    Elon Musk likes to tell the myth that he worked on the factory floor, so everyone should follow and conform to where he was at that point.

    Tesla in particular is really very behind on deliveries, they’ve seen a huge spike in demand as EVs change, so maybe in response to that, but we don’t know exactly how employees are responding specifically .

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