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Elon Musk – The First 10,000 Day On Mars [ Timelapse ] – EMP!!


    The First 10,000 Day On Mars

    Let us understand in detail,
    Before this day all the Martian rovers sent by different countries land on Mars, and five starships land, and provide life support systems, these pioneer starships pave the way for humans to land on Mars.

    Time to raise fish in nine years and time for the first child to be born on the Red Planet in 15. Fuel Oxygen Water Dried Food Waste Management System Spacesuit Medical Supplies and the first Habitat Pods are also tools and equipment for the experiments, one of which is a Starship carrying the new Starlink communications network to Mars and landing to deliver life-support cargo to it. 

    Will robotic dogs be used for this?

    Posts in class before. Only four satellites are needed to form a Martian star link, as the base of Mars will be concentrated in one area, where there are also seven footballs in the cargo list. and fuel-producing solar panels on Mars are only 43 percent efficient.

    They use Earth rovers as well as robotic dogs by Boston Dynamics, which SpaceX uses to observe rockets, are deployed from a Starship on Earth to the Martian surface, begins work on setting up a Mars base , rovers and robots deploy solar arrays. Preparatory work begins for fuel production experiments, rovers begin drilling for icy water deposits. 

    The Saboteur process is used to take CO2, hydrogen from the Martian atmosphere and mining and then convert it into water. Uses heat and pressure. The oxygen and methane fueled multi-use rovers begin to flatten and melt loose soil to prepare a large flat landing pad, which reduces the kick-up of dirt and rocks, increasing safety for the next landing. 

    Do they all have to stay on Mars for two full years and two months?

    Two years and two months have passed since the population on Mars is made up entirely of robots. The first landing of five cargo Starships and the new launch window opens, as Earth and Mars are closer together again, two Starships carrying a total of 30 astronauts to Mars carrying 10 additional cargo ships with them oversupply, life support These are the first astronaut settlers to be scientific engineers, medical specialists and military personnel with scientific background.

    All of them have to stay on Mars for a full two years and two months, this is not a short-term journey, it is a mission to make life sustainable and multi-astronaut during the first week on Mars. Suffering from the effects of reduced gravity and having weak muscles after a seven-month journey, the first week is used to adjust to the gravity of the Red Planet.

    The new settlers stay in their starships to celebrate the survival of the journey, that they have landed in the crew, life on Mars has been harsh to adapt to their new surroundings, the average temperature outside is minus 63 °C, or minus. Wind storms are common on Mars in summer at the equator with 81°F to as low as 20° to 68°F. They pick up rust.

    Colored dust in the atmosphere, which can cover the entire planet Mars, also experiences earthquake orbits, which are monitoring the climate on Mars, dust storms coming in the form of weather satellites, and weather changes. Warns the astronauts. A two-year long agenda begins. Days on the Red Planet are little more than 24 hours.

    How will plants grow on Mars?

    The workday of unpacking and carrying heavy objects is made easier, as the gravity on Mars is only 38, on Earth once the life support system has been opened up, and the next priority is to start testing and producing cryomethane fuel. Fuel is needed for the return journey to Earth.

    3D printing materials, Green project underway, To start growing plants indoors, Settlers start cultivating Martian soil, NASA packs designer plants that need to be grown on Mars This organism has been genetically engineered for, and testing begins on, cyanobacteria taken from Earth.

    Produce ammonia fertilizer from nitrogen in the Martian atmosphere, crops such as rye radish tomatoes beans carrots and potatoes are grown, and astronauts’ waste is recycled as fertilizer for plants. Soon there will be delivery of fish to Earth on Mars base. SpaceX now has factories building two Starships per week that cost five million dollars each to build 104.

    Starships are built per year, and 216 starships are built for each launch window, with Earth and Mars orbiting the Sun at different speeds, so there is only one launch window every two years and two months , when Earth and Mars are at their closest during each launch window year. There are only a few days to launch, such as 12 and four launch windows each day only ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, so the combination of cargo and crew starships are built waiting to be ready to be launched.

    Where will the colony find breathable air, water, food and fuel?

      1. When the window opens back to Mars. Starship launches to return to Earth carrying the entire 30-person crew living on the Red Planet. 
      2. Geologists’ search for the planet and setting up small company habitats ai robotics and a productive human workforce now makes Mars completely self-sufficient for all the essentials.
      3. The colony uses all its power to produce breathable air, water, food and fuel. 
      4. If the mission resumes from Earth, Mars were to stop the colony and will develop, but in a primitive way because it still requires advanced electronics from Earth, in order for the colony to develop into an advanced civilization in order to mark 10,000 days.
      5. Humans are the first to settle on Mars – Born human visits Earth, the traveler is assisted by a robotic suit controlled by a Neuralink brain chip, which helps support them in heavy Earth gravity on the Martian grasslands . 
      6. And woody plants are thriving in giant enclosed greenhouse domes built on lakes of melted ice near the equator.
      7. The first varieties of grasses are found growing wild on the Martian surface, slowly adding oxygen to the Martian atmosphere. Home is trying to survive on the surface of Mars.
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