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Elon Musk: “Tesla Pi Phone Will DOMINATE Samsung!”

    Elon Musk: "Tesla Pi Phone Will DOMINATE Samsung!"

    Tesla and Samsung just signed a revolutionary deal that will change everything. Former rivals are now joining forces to usher in a new era of smart technology, but what are they doing behind closed doors? How are the tools and their common enemy going to react till the end.

    Know all about Elon Musk’s secret project he needed Samsung for Elon Musk and his companies are always making headlines this time around because of their innovative technology though everything from making solar charge phones to making crazy EV cars Everything the story has completely changed.

    Know that the company is pushing the limits for Elon Musk to collaborate with Samsung, unless you’ve been living under a rock, he must be planning something really big. The conglomerate best known for distributing smartphones has now forayed into artificial intelligence and has invested huge amounts of money in building AI devices.

    You wonder that both the companies are working on a joint project, What should really interest you is that Kasturi has never asked anyone for help, he himself has followed the path when he entered an industry. There are exhibitors. Coming up with the idea ensures that he strives to compete alone and beat everyone else to rise to the top of the game.

    Tesla Model Pie has just launched in the market which has advanced features from solar panels to exceptional graphics card and it is in the phone that it makes us wonder why Elon Musk needs to collaborate with Samsung to take over the tech industry. Why is it Path breaking phone is not enough to dominate, is it really going to break its own rules and cooperate well with its rivals, we can’t tell about its vision at this point but one thing is for sure.

    Companies have a lot more to offer than just a smartphone, we all know that Tesla has always been into EV cars since its inception and wants to replace conventional cars with EV cars forever. Lately Samsung has also been showing a lot of interest in developing autonomous driving technology. Talking about Tesla we all know that it always wanted to make a fully autonomous car that can drive itself so that you have less time Elon Musk wanted to change the way these vehicles no longer need to drive themselves Is.

    So he decided to provide us with a more efficient and convenient mode of transportation, now this may sound somewhat impossible, but let us clear up your misconceptions, Tesla has cracked the code on how to make one yourself. The key to developing autonomous cars is adding the best cameras and sensors to these vehicles. These devices are the ones that detect and track objects in real time, they also help in detecting road conditions and traffic intensity.

    Successful autonomous driving vehicles because they detect minute changes in the environment This ensures that your vehicle is completely safe and absolutely reliable This again brings us back to the same question Samsung You must have noticed that cameras and trackers are made by Samsung These are the strengths and they have been developing these for over a decade, Samsung is also committed to improving these devices every year to match the pace of changing technology.

    Win the space industry also we will reveal it to you in the later part of the video if both the companies are working on the same goal why should they cooperate if they don’t compete against each other that difference has made both the companies a Why signed the deal Well the difference lies in the areas of expertise while Samsung works on the system of cameras and trackers Tesla works on the development of algorithms and software.

    Elon Musk has also applied his strengths to EVs, where the cars have ultrasonic camera sensors and radar systems that help the vehicle detect the environment. Rumors now say that Samsung is making cameras and sensors Tesla will help make some of the higher quality products it can deliver. Meanwhile Tesla is working on the infrastructure it needs to build highways and roads to increase demand for autonomous vehicles. And as far as I know they have already collected enough data to complete this map, as Samsung is a Korean based company, which is shared with Tesla.

    A detailed map of Korea Now Tesla is all set to use simulations in real world testing Make sure self-driving cars are safe to use What’s really the deal That’s the only reason the two biggest tech giants are coming together Not only have come together to sign the agreement, the two companies have also joined hands to do some work. Advanced safety features These features include developing backup systems, so that the system can fully control the vehicle even in unexpected situations. Along with this, the companies are also planning to build a comprehensive network system.

    Which includes charging stations and service centers which are now both connected. Samsung has already started working on building the algorithms and software, but it is working on full object detection and navigation as of now. Development of autonomous vehicles with infrastructure planning and backup is not easy, of course. Big companies need finance from Samsung.

    Even after investing heavily in their technological development as well as planning to incorporate renewable resources into their production lines, they have to come up to a standard if they want to join Elon Musk if you follow Must Journey. is required. You must be aware of their obsession with sustainability. Musk wants to develop technology that is environmentally friendly and easily accessible to everyone, so how can we expect autonomous vehicles to be sustainable? Can do

    The solar panels created an energy storage system that followed in Musk’s footsteps and began using them in homes and businesses. Samsung has also invested in renewable energy resources, including wind and solar power, so one of the goals of this partnership is to make the world more eco-friendly and renewable energy resources, you think the deal ends there, don’t you? Looks like both companies will try to use each other’s strengths.

    so to bring this to your knowledge well create more opportunities for yourself samsung is already planning to collaborate with spacex as the top space company has made extremely useful reusable rockets samsung feels believes that this is the best time for the company to take a step forward. The space industry, having already invested in satellite technology for its use in communications and other applications, went on to seek more opportunities for commercial use. Don’t you think this is a great help for Tesla and a great opportunity for Samsung.

    provide even more advanced communications services for everyone who uses the Sterling satellite network, as well as bring Samsung satellite technology to the table, so let’s dive into the insane plan that the two companies plan to execute, basically Since then Samsung is using its advanced robotics and autonomous systems for the development of orbital maintenance of satellites. It will provide companies with more advanced and cost-effective solutions for satellite maintenance and repair.

    While this will give both companies an edge over other competitors, it will also open up endless opportunities for them to develop advanced space-based tools and technologies that they can use in space exploration, through which we can explore our universe more closely than ever before. Makes sense, when we first heard that two giants of the market were collaborating, of course they would have a grand vision. Both the companies have joined hands to conquer not only the automobile industry but also the space industry, both are growing industries in the world and both want to be the king of the competition.

    Although this does not sit well with Elon Musk as it is always on the move, on the other hand Elon Musk shows his significant interest in Korea saying that they manufacture some of the best technology in the world, this indicates that Elon Musk sees a huge potential. are in the country and want to collaborate with his company, so it cannot be denied that this deal will definitely bring something extraordinary to the world.

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