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Elon Musk Tesla Pi phone “Model Python” is Tesla’s best product to cope with Apple’s biggest product, the 2022 iPhone 14

    The smartphone industry will soon experience a great competition between two of the world’s greatest brands, be it a Tesla Pie phone versus Apple’s iPhone 14. If you are a fan of Tesla, then I have some good news for you.

    The Tesla Model Pi phone is ready to completely destroy Apple’s iPhone 14. Join us today in this video as we find out how a Tesla phone will absolutely destroy the iPhone 14.

    Model Python is Tesla’s best product to cope with Apple’s biggest product, the 2022 iPhone 14. So you can only hope that each side will give the product its all, there is no doubt that both the products are very good.

    The capability of the Pie phone is on another level. If there is one thing that you can check immediately while buying a smartphone then it is the camera quality that you will only use the display of the phone to take a selfie and know its capability right away.

    When the camera isn’t so good you can’t proceed to check out other features, the Tesla Model Python designers factored in the idea that you’ll want to have a choice of high quality that you can preserve for future references. Tesla model python’s camera properties are better than Apple’s iPhone 14.

    Tesla phones have four cameras on the back while the iPhone 14 has only three main cameras. Tesla phones have a resolution of 108 megapixels, while the iPhone 14’s main camera only has 48 megapixels.

    Tesla phone not only destroys the iPhone on the rear camera but also on the selfie camera everyone loves to own and will love the phone that gives you the best quality selfies.

    One would definitely go for a Pie phone when taking selfies as it has a camera quality of megapixels whereas the iPhone only has 12 megapixels which is a significant investment by Tesla.

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