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Elon Musk tells Twitter employees he wants at least a billion daily users

    Which researchers say may not make a major city habitable. But first, Elon Musk talks to Twitter employees. This is his first Q&A since he offered $44 billion to buy the company.

    He did not provide any updates on the closing of the deal, sharing his vision for the platform. According to sources, he does not want the employees to have at least one million daily active users on Twitter to attend the meeting.

    It is now four times more than users, employees ask Elon Musk about potential Laos, he says it will depend on the financial condition of the company, sources say staff cost should be more than revenue, said friend Said that those who have important contribution have nothing to worry about.

    I explain their position on the back to work is a top concern for employees. Whether or not they will work from home forever or what Elon Musk has told his other employees at Tesla or SpaceX.

    Go online with him. You work or live in the office for four hours. There’s a lot of confusion. He says he likes people and feels more productive when he is in the office. He will definitely say that we have to work from office.

    After meeting some people are calling him oh jee. Literally, dumpster fire. They are a little upset right now that they are not getting a clear answer as to who is going to be their future boss and future CEO. Very angry Willoughby pruning? He won’t say. He said that what is valuable is such a subjective thing. Anything is possible.

    He said he had no answer to being CEO which was a bit surprising. He is going to be the CEO temporarily when he first buys the company and leaves it. If he is then what do we know?

    You must be included in the product. He sees Twitter as the potential for Twitter to reach 1 billion users. Typing largely that a lot of Chinese social media apps have done an awesome job being a billion user platform. Then about 200 million. He talked, he’s talking about Elon Musk’s perky aliens.

    What was that? What’s with this man? Why was I a little surprised that he waited until the end to get weird and talk about aliens. He said that he did not see any evidence of the existence of aliens.

    He doesn’t know if he believes in aliens. I have no idea what this has to do with buying Twitter. Twitter employees now know their thoughts about it. The goal was to organize the staff. Whenever a major change happens, employees need to settle down.

    It did not happen. We had sources responding in real time to the internal messages Elon Musk was telling them. There is a lot of anger and confusion and lack of clarity all around. They are demanding one of these meetings with details. What do we know about him?

    We know a little bit about him. Do we care about it? Why not. Of course not you have to note that this is a free marketing platform for their other companies in Sicily Tesla.

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