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Elon Musk tells Tesla staff to return to the office or leave company, Bloomberg reports

    It appears that Elon Musk has had enough of the work-from-home trend. He says anyone who wants to work remotely must be in the office for at least 40 hours per week or pretend they work elsewhere, as Tesla Musk said.

    Interesting to hear him weigh in on this. By the way, Goldman lowered their target on supply by a couple hundred bucks and they say weak demand in the intermediate term. Well, they are winners for the next few years.

    That said, I will not cut my price target there. Well, there was a Ford tactical upgrade, with very mixed messages. I think autos are going to outperform Tesla overall. And Tesla still asked what’s happening in China, but David, when someone says they have to work or not, is there a possibility.

    Especially if you are not a union shop, someone from the government calls. It seems that the current administration has part of Musk’s frustration, let alone talk, that it was ridiculous that he didn’t attend the summit on electric vehicles or renewables.

    But, listen, you know where I stand on this. I think he’s back in the office. Look, I was missing things. Everyone is patting their backs and saying that we are making progress in our productivity.

    What had changed when I was with all these 22, 23 people, I was ’21-22 degree COVID’ in Georgiedown, people are telling me what is Friday? I said look it got a change a response for young people who know if they want to make a career.

    Who wants to sit in his studio or one. Bedroom Apartments Do your work from your bed all day? Listening to HP last night, they said they not only wanted to stay at home, but all the stuff, all the things they bought.

    His numbers were very good what we are hearing. The fact is that buildings in New York City are still occupied by 40%. People are not going back to the office Elon Musk, obviously, you have to go back to the office. Office workers like us in New York City are leaving in five days.

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