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Elon Musk Tells Aspiring Entrepreneurs They May Not Want to Be Like Him: ‘I Have Too Much Work’

    Elon Musk Tells Aspiring Entrepreneurs They May Not Want to Be Like Him: 'I Have Too Much Work'

    Elon Musk has a warning for aspiring business leaders who think they want to be like him. Be careful what you wish for. The billionaire owner of Twitter, 51, spoke to budding entrepreneurs on Monday at the B20 Business Forum in Bali, Indonesia.

    As far as what career path Elon Musk needs to consider in the future, the former head of Tesla and SpaceX says that becoming Elon Musk is not easy.

    According to a report in the AP, he said, “I’m not sure how many people will actually like me, they’ll want to imagine me being what I’m not. I mean, the amount I torture myself is next level.” But apparently he admitted beyond the big screen from Sitting in the Dark which he says was due to an electrical problem.

    Noting that he appeared so delirious by candlelight, Elon Musk recently referenced his controversial $44 billion Twitter deal with My Workload to explain how busy he’s been lately. It’s grown a lot, she said with a laugh. I have a lot of work on my plate,

    The sale marked the end of a months-long feud between the company and Tesla’s founder, who announced his plans to back out of his agreement to buy Twitter back in July.

    Acknowledging how divided people are on the deal, as well as the implications for employees and users of the social media site, Elon Musk talked about creating cheaper electric car models for developing countries like India and Indonesia, he said. . Also answered a question from the moderator considering Tesla.

    “We think making more affordable vehicles is very important and something we should do,” he told the AP.

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