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Elon Musk Suspends The Twitter Accounts Of Multiple Major Left-Wing Media Figures

    Elon Musk Suspends The Twitter Accounts Of Multiple Major Left-Wing Media Figures

    Elon Musk suspended the Twitter accounts of several prominent left-wing media figures.

    The suspended accounts include those of left-wing campaigner and former Vox journalist Aaron Ruper, CNN reporter Donnie O’Sullivan, New York Times reporter Ryan Mack, Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell, The Intercept journalist Micah Lee and hard-left Keith Olbermann.

    So far, I’ve been able to confirm about half of the suspended accounts associated with Jet Tracker are in violation of the new docking policy, Mike Solana, editor-in-chief of Pirate Wires, wrote on Twitter. The rest is still unclear, but I think it’s safe to say that the rule is real.

    Elon Musk replied to Solana’s tweet, writing that the same rules of docking apply to ‘journalists’ as everyone else. He basically posted the coordinates of the assassination, my exact real-time location, in direct violation of Twitter’s terms of service, Elon Musk continued.

    Elon Musk later said, “It’s perfectly fine to criticize me all day long, but it’s not okay to spoof my real-time location and put my family at risk.” After this article was published, Elon Musk clarified that the accounts were not banned permanently, but were instead suspended for seven days.

    The suspension comes after Elon Musk announced a new policy change on Wednesday following an incident with his child. Elon Musk said, any account giving real-time location information of any person will be suspended, as it is a physical security breach. This includes posting links to sites with real-time location information.

    Posting the places someone has traveled for a while isn’t a security issue, so it’s fine. Last night, L.A. A car carrying Lil X is chased by a crazed hunter who later rams the car off the road and climbs on the hood.

    Elon Musk continued, legal action is being taken against organizations that harmed Sweeney and my family. After this Elon Musk posted a video from the alleged video and asked if anyone recognized this person or car?

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