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Elon Musk: “Starship will be launched from THE SEA!”

    Elon Musk: "Starship will be launched from THE SEA!"

    The biggest rocket ever to fly from Earth explodes minutes after takeoff SpaceX cancels the much-anticipated launch of its Starship rocket Despite repeated failures Elon Musk is quite satisfied with the SpaceX team and what you I just heard that’s full proof the SpaceX 8 never fails.

    Surprise the world with your amazing launch and top mission plan In the interview Kasturi agreed that the company has done an excellent job so far, they have made a lot of progress and they are ready to launch more rockets in a few weeks, However they need to take some measures to ensure that no damage is done as a result of the launch of the spacecraft which can only be done by launching the rocket from water.

    This means that Elon Musk is ready to launch another Starship, with Elon Musk considering the ocean as the next platform. Let’s uncover together Elon Musk latest plans. In the beginning it would be difficult to live on Mars, that’s not the case, so who are the first people to live there, the pioneers, well, the first people to go to Mars.

    That dangerous food can die, Elon Musk probably did not give good in the interview all the details about the people going to mars is the comprehensive plan of this comprehensive mission and that is why Elon Musk is considering to launch Starship on a new platform It looks like the sea is the only option after Elon Musk revealed that SpaceX is building a floating launch platform for its future Starship rocket system.

    He plans to dock the Starship rocket on water as well, which Elon Musk says will help SpaceX boost launch frequency as well as reduce the cost of ground-based servicing flights. From any possible destruction in the surrounding area we can say that Musk is not really satisfied with the damage done in the previous starship launch, now we all know that Elon Musk never fails to impress us with his mind blowing ideas Are.

    When people give up after trying for months, Musk always comes up with a new solution and completes a mission at any cost. This time when none of the platforms were functional, Elon Musk took the mission to sea. He also has a lot of backup to make the reverse mission a success. In a conference call at Morgan Stanley, Musk pointedly addressed that he still has a backup if the mission fails. They have more standby equipment and have changed their definition of success this time if the launch pad doesn’t explode.

    Elon Musk says that this is the biggest starship ever built and it will soon start taking people to the moon and Mars, so the success of the mission is very important not only for the company but also for us. If it is successful then soon we will see a colony on Mars. This massive starship has a very complex system, its missions have failed many times before, but we should not forget that SpaceX has always made up for its failures. Learned from, it is Oliver, one of the famous aeronautical experts.

    Davewick said in an interview when it was Starship. Elon Musk was very skeptical about it from the start, saying that since Starship is huge and complex, it had a 50-50 chance of success, but he made sure that all these moments were filled with excitement and not lethargy. . never happened If it fails there will be another starship that will be successfully launched soon and has an eight percent chance of success. While talking about the success of the mission, we should not forget that it was quite controversial and caused serious damage.

    A minivan in the neighborhood was badly damaged, and crashed into a huge rock, was it all because of the company’s poor planning or the starship’s faulty structure, you told them to make the starship more edgy movie Dictator’s Because, when Musk was asked about the structure of the spacecraft in an interview, he said that the spiked structure was taken after the movie The Dictator, now it may be possible that this change in the structure of the rocket caused its failure. But we should not forget that this is nothing but a theory.

    We do not have any practical proof of this. Musk said that this does not affect the aerodynamics of the spacecraft, he also explained everything about the new launch from the sea and how the team will take everything to make the mission a success. Lo it seems, they will go to any extent to prevent any possible disaster as well as there is talk from rival companies about the launch of a potentially catastrophic mission that has taken the internet by storm.

    The poorly planned spacecraft was about 394 feet tall and the rocket performed fairly well accordingly, reaching an altitude of about 24 miles when the Raptor engine fired a crater under the launch platform, the cemented floor shortly thereafter. There were flying junk. and other debris in the whole atmosphere when the dust cleared everything had decomposed well, all this happened due to the absence of a flame trench, this device is known to remove all the smoke when most of the launch pad launch Rockets are fired out.

    Platform in the presence of this device. For example when NASA brought SLS from Kennedy, the instrument was present on the platform in NASA’s lunar Artemis mission when the spacecraft took off for the most part capable of withstanding 8.8 million pounds of thrust. Were. Starship has amazing power, its firing was at maximum capacity and the raptors generated about 16.5 million pounds of thrust, but when the rocket took off in the sky, most of these raptors started to fail.

    I think if I say we’ll probably add another three vacuum engines they know you fill in the gaps, and spread the ship, I think, if you look at Musk’s latest it’s very In case you don’t know Trix, the interview states that it was all revealed by Musk that the company is building a 39 launch site at Cape Kennedy that it now wants to transport.

    C Elon Musk has always thought out of the box, whether it is Tesla or SpaceX, this time he wanted to make the mission successful without flame diverter, however the plan failed, the mission without flame trench caused great havoc, so Musk There is also high hope that they can make the mission successful by creating a flame trench-free path. Musk tweeted that SpaceX is set to build a giant water plate called the Steel Plate to go under the launch.

    The first Starship still launched SpaceX plans to complete the mission because they didn’t predict such major disasters. Musk still thinks the mission wasn’t a total failure of the 34 Raptor engines, two of them didn’t work. These are often masked by mission failures. When space companies design a spacecraft, they are never completely sure of its success.

    A little bit of common sense or ignorance in these huge spacecrafts can lead to massive destruction which is why Kasturi feels that we should change the platform for testing instead of launching these spacecrafts in Sea Kasturi. How it intends to renovate the Floating Sea Launch Pad, this project was started in the year 1995 where there were 35 billion rubles as rehabilitation expenditure. Or after using $460 million, SpaceX also wanted to do something beyond current operations.

    So they tried to get two oil rigs operational at the launch pad for their other vehicles, this vision was well planned but unfortunately it hasn’t happened for their company now I have no choice but to rethink the whole mission SpaceX still Thinks that launching the next model at sea will change everything. It would be more convenient and the world would not have to face mass destruction. However, this process is not that easy to carry out, as it has uncountable limitations, so the company has to be well prepared.

    Elon Musk has indicated that in the long term this project and all other spacecraft will be launched from the sea. Important news came from SpaceX President Gwen Shotwell, who revealed that the business had already sold Rank to the Federal Aviation Administration at the Commercial Space Transportation Conference, where she announced that these rigs were unsuitable for launch platforms, although they There was a proper arrangement to launch. It is equally important that while the company plans to develop a proper platform, the vehicles that have been built should be tested soon.

    Till date spacex only do one to two missions but now they want to go beyond that their statements raised many questions to start with launching hundreds of spacecraft as promised it is a challenging task to execute Giving up isn’t that easy, Elon Musk believes SpaceX may come up with a ton of ideas when it comes to launching Starships from the ocean, now that several Starships are already built giving Musk a chance to launch AC. Used as a platform, is ready to fulfill his long vision.

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