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Elon Musk should not buy Twitter if company’s bot disclosure is inaccurate: 8VC’s Joe Lonsdale

    Talk more about Musk’s bid with Twitter with a top tech voice who knows Elon Musk very well who is the founding partner of Lonsdale 8vc and co-founder of Palantir Joe.

    It’s great to see you this morning. We’re trying to figure out what’s really going on in Texas what’s going on with this deal. Clearly from anyone who’s putting two and two together, it seems That Texas AG is doing this on behalf of Elon Musk.

    Then it could put Elon Musk in a better position to either walk away from the deal or negotiate to reduce it. It just boggles the mind what’s going on. But what do you think is happening? I think a lot of people here in Texas are fans of Elon.

    So it’s most likely he’s a fan of Elon I doubt they’re coordinating but yeah I mean you know listen Andrew I think these guys are so shocked when you actually see them on Twitter When it comes to culture, they underestimate how incompetent it is and how amazing these people really are.

    Don’t really know how much bots spent, how much spam their platform has, it’s something you know it’s not in their interest financially to know but also if they are more confident So they will and so I think Elon was probably pretty shocked to see that he doesn’t really know these numbers.

    It’s very scary to buy something when you don’t know the numbers and so they should probably do their homework which goes to the homework question. The things that were very unique about this particular transaction and one of the reasons the board accepted Elon’s bid was that he effectively said that I am not doing homework.

    No homework will be done and i’m giving up all homework capabilities i’m buying it’s what i said but the way it works the way it works their disclosures must be correct so i Not doing any homework, I’ve read your disclosure, I’m buying it what you told me.

    If there are disclosures that are wrong that it seems, then Twitter is still liable, so it works and so in this case if that number is off Elon’s now let’s be honest here we know the market.

    You know I haven’t talked to Elon about this point, you know you really want to be extra careful and but I think he’s right to get to the point that his disclosures are wrong on this Maybe and they need to fix it.

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