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    Own AI company xAI But does xAI have any plans to solve the problems created by AI Demon or will it make things worse because things are about to get interesting with AI Demon and how Elon Musk surprised everyone Done, the statement on xAI is telling it like this and tweeting some bitter truth.

    When one is concerned about Neurolink testing on humans don’t worry Neurolink will progress slowly and will be easier to assess due to medical device regulations but AI exists, there is no regulatory oversight of AI and has been for over 10 years It’s been a long time since we’ve been talking about AI security.

    This is dangerous stuff, you can just see the face he is making, let’s go back to February 2022, remember Microsoft’s Bing chat bot, yes that thing went a little crazy.

    Elon Musk joined the conversation with a tweet saying it sounds weird like System Shock has an AI that goes haywire and kills everyone then Elon’s own AI company, but before you say that Wait, this isn’t a surprise. Let me tell you, there is no twist here, he has been constantly hinting about wanting to have his own AI company.

    He’s the kind of smart guy who hints at what they plan to do with the next jump, March 30, 2023. Somebody asks why should we mess with AI. Musk is saying purely philosophically that if we are going to let our civilization get destroyed then why not build AI. Will remember the best detective in the universe, he said. No, wasting no time, as I said earlier, he took to Twitter to tell everyone about his shiny new AI company, XAI, which aims to build AI.

    He is basically a science and math wizard who helps us tackle tough questions and understand the entire universe in an audio program that was live streamed and created on social media by everyone in his squad of mind experts. An AI that is smarter than us humans in the name of improving society, he said, adding that the company’s fundamental goal is to understand what’s really going on.

    The event showed how Elon Musk initially focused OpenAI more on answering deep scientific questions rather than competing head-to-head with Google and Microsoft to create consumer AI products, making sure that he xAI AI may be weak in battle, but he also indicated that it is like a child that has just started growing wings.

    It may take a while for XAI to catch up with the AI giants talking about AI The new wave of AI tools has smartypants AI experts mesmerized with their tricks Some of these brainy guys are eight-balls with their magic they are awesome and predicting too hopefully AI can beat humans soon but here is the kicker, AI is like a chatterbox that predicts words and images, they have There is no proof that when will this universe AI be as smart as us humans?

    People say that if this ever happens, it may take billions of decades. Elon Musk is a curious cat and he’s not shying away from the big questions he’s thinking about, solving mysteries like dark matter and dangerous things we still don’t understand. He spoke at length about the Fermi Paradox, a theoretical question that asks why humans have not discovered aliens yet and suggested that technological civilizations usually destroy themselves before traveling to other solar systems. Let’s take are destroyed or destroyed by some external force.

    Now let’s talk about Jimmy in such depth. Bau, a professor at the University of Toronto, has jumped aboard Musk’s AI train, and his dream is to build an AI that can flex its problem-solving muscles and help us with life’s toughest puzzles, But this is just the beginning of things. Not going to fix it, Boz is thinking about it too.

    How we can use these AI tools to make ourselves better and more powerful But Musk isn’t shy about ruffling some feathers, he’s fed up with chat bots that play nice and get all politically correct , That’s why X.AI is going to tell the truth, even if it means hurting people talking about Musk, this guy has been talking about AI for ages.

    Remember back in 2014 when he dropped this line about super smart computers being like summoning a demon, yes he went there, he also co-founded Open AI, the company behind Chat GBT in 2015, but By 2018 he was like I’m out Due to some tension with other people in charge Over the last few months, he has complained about the scraping of Twitter data by Open AI and other AI companies for help. Trained its bots last year, while Musk was busy completing his $44 billion Twitter purchase, this is magical Open AI.

    Google and other AI champions are at full strength, creating super smart models that are making AI worth its weight in gold. I mean, open AI is now worth tens of billions and these AI tools that used to be hidden in labs are now in our hands, it’s unclear how or whether Musk will commercialize his own AI research efforts, here So much so that the company’s website is like a treasure map with barely any clues except for the fact that it has a strong team of 12 people at its command.

    You know when he dropped a tweet bomb, XY is all about understanding reality, he’s not dealing with much detail, it’s just like waiting for the next season of your favorite show, You know it’s going to be epic, but you’re hanging in. Earlier this year, Musk, the master of surprises, took the stage by signing a letter saying hey big AI players, let’s slow down the AI enthusiasm.

    Take a break for about six months, it turns out he’s worried, he’s thinking that pushing AI beyond Altman’s clever chat GPT4 could make things risky for society and people like us, the exe side. There are some heavy hitters in the U.S., Dan Hendricks being the big boss.

    Remember that letter we talked about well, just two weeks ago it was revealed that Musk and his money expert Jared Burchell had founded a company called XAI isn’t just riding on the success of his other projects, he’s ready to create his own project. Mark Geiss Joining the Tesla Party That’s right Tesla is working on AI for self-driving cars.

    Now their new AI adventure is connecting with this, they have also acquired thousands of GPU processors from Nvidia, which are needed to build large language models that consume large amounts of content. But there is little controversy, some people are wondering. Should they use Tesla’s resources for their other projects like Twitter, the power behind AI magic is computing power, training those big language models on AI lumps is not easy, it is like a power.

    You need a lot of energy to power an entire city and guess what, Tesla has some serious computing power due to its work on self-driving cars, the hint here is that would not require as much computing power. The talk of AI companies is the name itself. The reason Twitter made changes to their system is so more people can join their AI discussions, it’s true that they made sure more ears could listen when things started, 34,000 curious minds were engaged, so guys. What is your opinion on xai? Whether it works as Musk claims or not, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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