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Elon Musk says people on Mars could actually become a reality

    Elon Musk says people on Mars could actually become a reality

    Elon Musk, ready to live on Mars, recently said that people on the Red Planet could actually become a reality by 2035, so it might not be that long.

    A terrifying Mars discovery by Elon Musk changed everything that humans were never satisfied with with life on Earth, their home galaxy, before they knew about other planets.

    We are also reminded again and again that the world beyond the planet is hostile icy and harsh, while we look to the planets to expand the limits of our existence, the only planets in the galaxy with a single planet.

    The recent discovery of Mars by Elon Musk strongly reinforces the argument that any attempt by mankind to settle on land again elsewhere will be greeted with enormous hardship and suffering.

    The SpaceX CEO has long had the idea of ​​a settlement on Mars that would enable humanity to become a multi-planet species that supports a million people and becomes itself – maintaining it is possibly Elon Musk’s greatest Effort.

    Musk said it could keep him busy for the next three decades, aiming for the February 2022 Starship Development Update of Business.

    So I believe this is something that is extremely important for the continuation of life, there are no dinosaurs anymore. Elon Musk also explains how the concept aims to create something inspirational while having an insurance policy for life only. May not be just about resolving issues, according to Elon Musk.

    The things that touch your heart and inspire you when you first wake up make you feel optimistic about the future, although Musk said on his Twitter page this week that there will be another number of astronauts on the Red Planet in 2035.

    While fans originally speculated that the first humans would arrive in March by mid-2020, the terrain on Mars is dangerous, with unexpected challenges astronauts will have to overcome, including solar panels.

    Musk’s stated goal, the creation of the dust and microscopic Martian rocks that pose problems for NASA’s Curiosity project, is the transformation of humanity into a multi-planet species. Why do you want to spread across the universe?

    It often refers to the idea that a catastrophe on Earth could mean the end of civilization, but it is highly questionable whether it might be able to gain a foothold on another planet, such as Mars. How much time is left for life to become multi-planet?

    Noting that Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, Musk made this statement on Twitter in November 2021. A surprise meteor attack destroying humanity, which is a worst-case scenario, in addition to climate change, there is another reason it keeps people alive.

    He said in September 2018 that there are many such things about the future that make people sad or become a place of sorrow. One of the things that fascinated you about the future Elon Musk in February 2022 is that one of the reasons humanity is expanding is that we are the caretakers of life.

    He said that the creatures we care about cannot build spacecraft and we can take them with us. Another reason to return was because of the moon, Musk said in an interview with CNBC that aired in April 2021. Humanity has barely been able to enter space after landing.

    Almost 50 years have passed since people last went to the moon, a very long time we should go back and establish a permanent presence there, this time it should be a huge facility that is continuously inhabited.

    Establish a metropolis on Mars to evolve in spaceX CIO Elon Musk and the multi-planetary species Elon Musk is not the first to advocate for humanity to colonize another planet in 2017.

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