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Elon Musk Says He’s Losing Billions In 2 Gigafactories

    Elon Musk says Tesla’s two latest vehicle factories in Germany and Texas are losing billions of dollars in the form of supply chain issues and batteries.

    Musk said in a recent interview with Tesla owners that manufacturing challenges limit the company’s ability to scale up production, which has two gigafactory bids.

    CEO Berlin and Austin’s giant money furnace companies are losing billions of dollars right now because there’s a ton of expense and hardly any output so it’s our concern to get Berlin into the Austin functional and get Shanghai back in the saddle.

    Must say that he hopes to address those issues, shares Tesla more than 30 percent this year, it didn’t come as a big news to me. Not as a flash, but just that it was more.

    If you were to ask other auto maker CEOs how their factories were doing, they might say you know we have some supply chain challenges, no, they wouldn’t say it’s a money furnace.

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