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Elon Musk Said no, but Former T-Mobile CEO John Legere has These Options

    Elon Musk Said no, but Former T-Mobile CEO John Legere has These Options

    John Legere, who served as CEO of T-Mobile’s Get Free Report from 2012 to 2020, announced his mobile phone plans after Verizon (VZ) declined to try to compete with the Get Free Report and AT&T.

    John Legere left T-Mobile the same day he completed the company’s purchase of Sprint. Several troubled companies could now use his talents, but a CEO tells him his services are no longer needed.

    For example, Twitter has famously suffered a rough few months since being bought by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Elon Musk bought 9% of Twitter shares on 5 April. He was offered a seat on the company’s board but declined the offer. Instead, he said he would buy the company for $44 billion.

    Twitter accepted the offer on 25 April. After this development, on May 13, Musk put the bid on hold. This move put the entire transaction in jeopardy and was the beginning of the chaos to come for the company.

    The next few months seemed to be building up to the October trial that would settle the dispute. By the end of the month the two sides struck a deal together. The parties entered into a buyout on October 27 for the amount of the original Elon Musk offer.

    The next day, Elon Musk fired Twitter’s CEO, CFO and other executives. After this, there has been a decrease in the retrenchment of employees. About 3,700 people, or about half of the company’s employees, were let go.

    After this, Elon Musk gave an ultimatum to Twitter employees on 16 November. He sent an email to all the employees saying that they would have to work longer hours and that they would have to agree to these terms.

    Twitter was never to be the same again. The microblogging site’s decision to charge Twitter Blue to restore former President Donald Trump’s account came amid advertising difficulties and Musk’s claims that Apple was threatening to remove Twitter’s app from its App Store.

    John Legere had a public discussion with Elon Musk via a Twitter post on 13 November. You can delegate the management of the daily business and ‘content moderation’ and then support the product/technology, wrote John Legere.

    He continued. I’m expensive, but that’s what you paid for Twitter. All things considered, Legere is clearly interested in a new opportunity, and he has some options as to where he could go next.

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