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Elon Musk sacks 200 MORE Twitter staff

    Elon Musk sacks 200 MORE Twitter staff

    Twitter has shut down another 200 employees, including one of its most dedicated senior officers, who were proud of sleeping in their office before Elon Musk, owner of a bizarre goodbye bills billionaire.

    The latest round of excesses began quietly on Saturday and represents about 10 percent out of the remaining 2,000 of the company’s remaining 2,000. Those who suddenly received a pink slip were Elon Musk Bhadik Esther Crawford, who was the head of the company’s subscription blue check program several months ago.

    Director of Product Management, famous for the method famous for Twitter 2.0 hardcore office culture, when a photo of himself in a sleeping bag with a sleeping mask in the office was widely shared in November 2022.

    On Sunday, before the dust from the vital phase of firing, Musk shot a tweet, stating that those who were removed, and those who did not have a deep node. ‘Hope you have a good Sunday,’ he wrote. ‘First day of your life.’

    Twitter owner Elon Musk made about 10 percent of the remaining employees – about 10 percent of the remaining employees of the social media platform over the weekend. What can happen again, as an inauspicious node to end twice, Twitter user Richard Hart replied: ‘Except for those where they are final today.’

    During a meeting in late November, Musk told the staff that Musk told the employees that no further plan was prepared for the deduction of the employees, which tamper with the people after a major sorting in the month.

    Over the weekend, the employees suddenly lost access to their slack channel, due to which many people believed that a cross was about to begin and many people think it has not ended yet. According to the New York Times, the latest cut mainly hits product managers, of which Crawford was one, as well as data scientists and engineers worked on machine learning and site reliability.

    After the weekend surfaced, the employees cut an anonymous phase for the verified workers. ‘People receive emails at 2 pm on Saturday and cut immediately. It will go down as one of the most extreme trimming in the entire corporate history, ‘Read a post on Blind.

    The poster claimed that Pruning killed the Project Management Department and spread to human relations, sales and marketing, engineering and finance. Before joining Twitter, Crawford founded a small screen-sharing and video chat app, called Squad, which Twitter acquired in 2020, ending his role.

    As was done by Haraladur Thorilifson, who created a design studio UNO, purchased by the company in 2021. A senior project manager, Martizan de Kujpar, said he came to know late after being out of his email account. Most of the team’s product cleaning houses have inspired some people to guess that Musk is preparing to bring it completely to the new teams.

    Musk made changes in November to convert Twitter into a more staunch work environment, warning employees would need to stay on board or leave the company. The billionaire is directed and directly directed to the company about the financial turmoil and before its official acquisition it has made it clear that cost cut number will be priority.

    At that time the employees were told that they need to sign a pledge to be able to be able to stay in their roles. It is associated with an online form, in which Musk told the employees that if they do not sign for the eastern time on Thursday at 5 pm, they will get a break of three -mahane.



    After that episode, a photo of Crawford lying on the floor of a brightly lit conference room went viral with the hashtag #SleepWhereYouWork. Many online mocked her, saying that sleeping in the office pointed to a clearly unhealthy relationship with work and that she would be fired within weeks either way.

    As soon as news of her firing broke, Crawford took the stage to defend herself, spending nights on the floor. She wrote: ‘Seeing me go all-in on Twitter 2.0 makes you think at worst that my optimism or hard work was a mistake.

    ‘Those who scoff and scoff are necessarily on the sidelines and not in the arena. I am deeply proud of the team for building through a lot of noise and chaos.’ Several Twitter users logged on to congratulate those who were right about predicting Crawford’s demise at the company.

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