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Elon Musk: Russia has the largest active military in the world that is not even bothered by threats from the United States

    Russia has the largest active military in the world that is not even bothered by threats from the United States, stopped by Elon Musk. The US and Europe did everything possible to stop Russia, including imposing sanctions and even That included the threat of war, but Russia was adamant until Elon Musk had to.

    In what could have forced Russian troops to consider Elon Musk a real threat, the European Union has banned all oil imports from Russia that are brought in by sea in its latest move. Punish Russia for the EU’s invasion of Ukraine, along with countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, have made a series of policies aimed at undermining key sections of the Russian economy such as the energy and financial sectors.

    What exactly are sanctions sanctions are punishments imposed by one government on another to discourage aggressive behavior or violation of international law. They are one of the most serious steps a country can take to go to war, whose As a result it appears that the rest of the world will take such drastic action to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine.

    Russia is facing a recession as a result of sanctions, but this has not stopped Russia from continuing its activities. Ukraine’s aggression into European countries was importing 2.2 million barrels per day of crude oil and until recent years was importing 1.2 million bpd of oil products from Russia.

    Russia has agreed to a ban on buying any oil coming from the sea, which would cut the total by about two-thirds, if they continue to import Russian oil via pipelines for the time being, allowing those countries to It will benefit those heavily dependent on it, such as Hungary and Slovakia, Germany and Poland, which both import Russian oil through pipelines.

    They have said they will stop their imports, effectively reducing EU oil imports from Russia by 10 to 11 percent. The EU has also said that Russian coal imports will be halted, on the other hand the EU is less eager to impose sanctions on Russian gas as Russia supplies about 40 of the EU’s gas, which the EU agreed to in March. promised to cut gas imports.

    By two-thirds within a year, but no additional action has been agreed, it is learned that the EU is also heavily dependent on Russia for its coal gas and petroleum exports, sanctions are not limited to oil and gas. But now Western countries also imposed them on wealthy individuals.

    As is currently due to increase the cost of imported products and Russia’s inflation rate to 14, the ruble has now recovered mainly due to Moscow’s support measures, although inflation has risen to around 17 percent. The US has blocked Russia from paying off its loans with $600 million in its banks, making it difficult for Russia to meet its foreign debts.

    Removing major Russian banks from the international financial messaging system or SWIFT will cause delays in payments to Russia for energy exports Major Russian banks have been banned from the UK financial system All Russian banks’ assets have been frozen Russian Corporations have been barred from borrowing money and deposits made by Russian and UK banks have been limited.

    The assets of Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have been deposited in the United States European Union United Kingdom and Canada More than 1000 Russian individuals and firms have been sanctioned by the US, EU, UK and other countries, including wealthy business leaders in the former Chelsea included.

    FC owner Roman Abramovich is offering Russian government officials and their families go lden visas that allow wealthy Russians.

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