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Elon Musk Reveals TERRIFYING Truth About Tesla Bot!

    Elon Musk Reveals TERRIFYING Truth About Tesla Bot!

    Elon Musk said that the Tesla robot will bring more money than the combined production of electric cars and phones, Elon Musk said that we have a very talented team at Tesla with whom I will be able to prototype a humanoid robot by the end of September. together and I think we are tracking this moment.

    I think it’s important to clarify that Tesla’s live broadcast was not really a product launch, but a great recruiting event in that sense, building a car with automated controls is not as exciting as working on a robot that drives you around. Can drive, live at home and do the same things that people do.

    For example cooking clean food or going to the store for eggs is definitely a way to attract smart people, in extreme cases it can inspire people’s intelligence if you are trying to improve your AI computing capabilities. The reason is the good outlook, and if Tesla has encountered problems achieving its goals, it’s any indication that the company could use all the help it can get.

    For example, Tesla has faced scrutiny of its Autopilot function. In connection with a series of events where company cars collide with emergency vehicles on the side of the road with flashing headlights, the Tesla bot will randomly bump into your couch or table. Vehicles will remain on the roads, this has not happened yet.

    Eventually all these broken promises add up and start eroding your credibility, how much such futuristic technology might cost, no one has given an exact date or price anywhere, especially since Elon Musk Have voiced it, but anyway considering the features and capabilities as well as the price which is more or less mundane for the people, those are the figures we can find.

    There are ten thousand dollars on the Internet Is it true that the Tesla robot will cost ten thousand dollars, we do not know but this is the estimated price that is indicated on many sources Elon Musk Tesla robots guarantee the commercial success of Elon Musk’s Says Tesla will bring in more money than producing robot electric cars Tesla founder Elon Musk predicted that the company’s robot production division would be commercially successful.

    The entrepreneur was encouraged by TechCrunch Publications during a press conference on Wednesday. The investor who announced the Optimus robot at the end of the summer of 2021 will bring a lot of money to the company, production of Optimus will ultimately cost more than the automotive business FSD full self-driving mascot, said I was surprised by the fact People didn’t realize the scale of the Optimus robot program.

    The entrepreneurs stressed that Tesla robots will be in demand for years to come, according to two people who are convinced that a subscription to the full self-driving service that autonomous controls Tesla cars provide will cost consumers a lump sum.

    Robots coming to market in the near future seem unrealistic. The authors note that the journalists cited the example of the Boston Dynamics robot, whose creators, according to Tesla, spent 2.5 years developing and training smart machines. The robot has a load capacity of around 20 kg and can lift up to 68 kg and run at a speed of 8 kmph.

    Musk said his company will make sure robots stay safe, don’t do Terminator-like things, and change the world to a much greater extent than cars Elon Musk Why He Thinks Tesla Robots’ Commercial Success Is Guaranteed Elon Musk Said That Tesla Robots Will Bring More Money Manufacturing Electric Cars Tesla founder Elon Musk predicted that the company’s robot production division would be commercially successful.

    The publication Tech Crunch reported during a press conference on Wednesday, the entrepreneur encouraged investors that the Optimus robot, announced at the end of summer 2021, will bring a lot of money to the company. Production of Optimus will ultimately cost more than the automotive business, full self-driving over FSD. Musk said he was surprised that people didn’t realize the scale of the Optimus robot program.

    The entrepreneur stressed, according to them, that the two people are confident Tesla robots will be in demand in the coming years, with reporters noting that subscribing to the full self-driving service that provides consumers with autonomous control of Tesla cars, Its price is $12,000. times, or $199 for a one-time monthly payment.

    It seems unrealistic to bring such robots to market in the near future. Journalists cited the example of Boston Dynamics robots, whose makers have spent 25 years developing and training smart machines, in early April, the authors noted. Elon Musk promised that Tesla would start.

    Humanoid robot Optimus will be built in 2023 The American entrepreneur said that the project to create anthropomorphic robot is too ambitious for his company. The robot will weigh 56 kg and will reach a height of 172 cm instead of a single stage.

    The robot will be equipped with a special screen to display useful information. Tesla Bot will also be equipped with an artificial intelligence system and a set of sensors for orientation in space that are already used in the company’s electric cars for autonomous driving.

    It can help people with boring routine tasks like going to the grocery store, moreover the company designs the robot in such a way that the person can escape from it when required. The maximum speed of Tesla bot is eight kilometers per hour. Elon Musk insisted that the purpose of the robot is not to help with Tesla’s production.

    But later the use of humanoid robots can change the global economy by reducing labor costs, this means that the development of humanoid robots has been going on for many years since 2000 in Japanese. Corporation Honda introduced the Android robot ASIMO Advanced Step and Innovative Mobility Similar analogues are available from Toyota, the third generation humanoid robot Thr3 and General Motors R2 created in collaboration with NASA.

    Also in 2015, Hanson Robotics introduced a humanoid robot, Sophia, which became the first humanoid robot. Receive citizenship in 2017 Sophia became a citizen of Saudi Arabia Hanson Robotics plans to start mass sales of Sophia in 2021 Yet Elon Musk went even further Tesla Bond not only allows people to communicate with and simple Will be able to perform tasks.

    Rather it will become a real helper for a person. It is also worth noting that Elon Musk first presented the robot from the point of view of refuting the fears of supporters of a possible rebellion of machines in the face of a possible collision with a person, while ES La Botte will have the following features, it Will be 173 cms in height and will weigh around 57 kgs.

    The robot will be able to carry a load of up to 20 kg, the maximum lowering capacity is 68 kg, the robot can hold an outstretched arm up to 4.5 kg, the working design is equipped with 40 servos 6 in each of the four limbs, hands Six in and two in the trunk and two in the neck. The network began discussing a possible regeneration of the cars but Elon Musk reassured users that even if it was at risk to their own health.

    The owner will have the opportunity to physically remove or drive away from the car. The first robots will be used to transport goods around the region at an enterprise in Texas, the future is already here, isn’t it everything that we saw in the movies 10 years ago is now beginning to appear.

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