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Elon Musk reveals his unhealthy breakfast, which critics call ‘slow poison’

    Elon Musk reveals his unhealthy breakfast, which critics call 'slow poison'

    It’s an unusual order, but one you might hear if you went to breakfast with some of the biggest names in the corporate world.

    Elon Musk also cracks jokes on his Twitter account, and he’s not only using Twitter to update users on company news, insult Bill Gates, and reveal Tesla projects, but he’s also used Twitter to share jokes about his personal life.

    Peter Diamandis, one of the founding partners of the health care business FountainLife, tweeted earlier this week that sugar is poison.

    Elon Musk replied – I eat a donut every morning. Still alive to which Diamandis replied Well Elon, allow me to be more specific.

    The exchange gave an insight into the lifestyle of the SpaceX founder, who was subjected to internet body-shaming after a shirtless photo on a yacht with talent agency boss Ari Emmanuel went viral.

    Elon Musk’s daily donut ritual runs parallel to his past statements on health and nutrition.

    In 2020, he told Joe Rogan in a podcast interview, “I’d rather eat delicious food and live a short life.”

    But Kasturi is in good company when big-name CEOs are giving in to the lure of the Chinese.

    Warren Buffett

    In 2015 he told Fortune that he was “one-quarter Coca-Cola,” adding that he drinks at least five 12-ounce servings each day. Buffett owns 400 million shares in the fizzy drink brand through his company, Berkshire Hathaway, and even gave his likeness to cans for sale in China to boost sales.

    The first of the five cans he drinks a day is Coke with “Potato Stix” shoestring snacks, although the $106 billion man sometimes likes to switch up his routine by having a bowl of ice cream for a crunch.

    Microsoft boss Bill Gates and friend of Buffett revealed that the rest of the seasoned investor’s diet consists largely of snacks like McDonald’s hamburgers and Oreos, a brand Buffett also owns.

    According to a post on Gatesnotes, I remember the first time Warren Buffett stopped by our house and he opened a package of Oreos to eat for breakfast. He may be setting a bad example for young people, but it’s a diet that somehow works for him.

    Buffett justifies his dietary decisions with data, pointing out that I checked actuarial tables and the lowest death rates are among 6-year-olds.

    Jeff Bezos

    The Amazon founder’s breakfast is so shocking that he actually started using it as an investing analogy.

    Matt Rutledge told a magazine that he met the e-commerce mogul for an early morning meeting to discuss the sale of Voot, and the deal subsequently reached $110 million.

    Rutledge revealed that Bezos ordered a dish called Tom’s Big Breakfast, and prepared Mediterranean octopus with potatoes, bacon, green garlic yogurt and a poached egg.

    The founders recall Bezos’ declaration: You are the octopus I’m eating for breakfast. When I look at the menu, you’re the thing I don’t understand, the thing I’ve never had. I have to try the breakfast octopus.

    Mark Cuban

    Like Buffett, the Shark Tank investor starts his day with consumer products whose success directly affects him.

    A news release revealed that the owner of the Dallas Mavericks starts his morning with a pack of eight oatmeal cookies from a company called Alyssa’s Cookies.

    Cuban invested in the brand in 2012, and when he was gifted a box of healthy bites by co-founder Doug Saraci, he added a note to the box, offering him $50,000 for 25% of the business.

    Cuban has also spoken of enjoying a vegetarian lifestyle.

    After having both of his hips replaced, Cuban decided not to eat meat to help reduce inflammation in his body and told Habits & Hustle podcast host Jennifer Cohen in August that it was like night and day.

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