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Elon Musk Reveals Electric VTOL Plane Exciting Update!

    Elon Musk Reveals Electric VTOL Plane Exciting Update!

    There’s a better way to travel faster from downtown LA to downtown San Francisco or from LA to San Francisco than the proposed high-speed rail, and after years of brainstorming, Elon Musk finally has an answer to that question. The answer was with Elon Musk, the millions of thoughts running through his mind have once again revealed a product that will change the world of technology and what can we say, the product is mind blowing.

    Tesla’s designers and engineers are ready to go beyond electric cars and making a jet is the perfect challenge for the innovative team and under the leadership of a visionary like Elon Musk, you can expect this new project to be far from out of the ordinary, I mean With so much care, the Optimist will be able to run 0.8 miles faster than the world’s fastest bullet train.

    The best way for a company to grow and stay relevant for years to come is by building the right aircraft and even though Tesla is the EV market leader and a favorite of many, they now need to bring a little more to the table. The need is there as the competition heats up and Elon Musk prepares to take the next step as the billionaire reveals his desire to develop an electric supersonic aircraft that is different from the conventional everyday planes you see at airports Is.

    The plane he wants to fly will sort our altitude using vertical takeoff and will not require landing techniques or runways before take off and the plane will take off, this electric plane will be able to reach speeds of 768 miles per hour Will use Tesla’s battery technology. 10,000 which will get you from New York to Tokyo in less than 9 hours. For a standard 12 hours you’d have to be crazy right there but when Musk starts thinking about building a jet it’s not as random as you might think.

    Elon Musk first talked about the idea of building an electric plane during a TechCrunch interview in 2009. Electric planes become more viable as battery technology improves, and in 2016 Musk even shared the Hyperloop Q. it had been. I’m quite tempted to do something about it, Musk once again mentioned in a tweet that this time there should be a new supersonic jet, so it’s not hard to tell that Musk has thought a lot about it and Money definitely isn’t.

    As CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Musk has jointly owned some successful startups over the years. Musk is a billionaire and if money is not an issue and Tesla has a technology to build, he will put money into the project. it might work and musk thinks it’s a good idea why hasn’t he made progress with it do you think you can have planes i’ve thought about plans for a long time is my mind too heavy You can imagine how much work has to be done.

    It wouldn’t be hard to break down Musk day by day, might have a thing for making super cool things but at the end of the day he’s just a guy who needs to manage it. Tesla spacex boring company and many other company and also make sure if i do plane they are successful especially it’s like it’s very crazy man it’s my mind is very overloaded and it’s impossible for anyone Tough to tell, even if it’s Elon Musk, he’s not looking to add more to his plate anytime soon.

    That said I’m dying to do a supersonic VTOL electric jet, but I already have too much work on my plate and my mind would explode for Tesla to build a prototype for an electric VTOL aircraft.

    Would be a walk in the park, but then comes a challenging part that producing the aircraft in large quantities at low cost and high reliability, while passing all the standard regulations will be tough for Elon Musk and Elon Musk. Tesla’s team has made it nearly impossible for them to meet the high standards that people expect from Tesla. Being regulated by the Federal Aviation Authority is especially exhausting and do you know how difficult it is for any important company to deliver cargo? Flying is not allowed.

    The less human Elon Musk already had to deal with the FAA to launch Starship and I doubt he’s willing to go through that hassle again any time soon. Speaking on The Joe Rogan Podcast, Musk said he had talked to his friends about the project many times. The most exciting thing about an electric plane is you get to go as high as you can, he said.

    So you need a specific energy density in the battery pack because you have to overcome gravitational potential energy. cruise is too low and you get back a lot of your gravitational potential energy, once a jet gets as high as possible you will be completely dependent on the energy of altitude, so the faster you jetpick the more Will also come with less supersonic energy consumption if you are able to reach certain heights, if Tesla ever enters aviation field it will probably be in battery field.

    Tesla hasn’t stopped advancing its battery capabilities in terms of materials innovation weight and charging infrastructure. Fitting the battery to the needs of an electric jet will require considerable skill from the Tesla team to push the envelope on what they can do. Know that with Tesla currently it’s go big or go home, but just because an electric plane isn’t a priority mascot yet doesn’t mean others can’t dream about it, I’m a design for a plane yes better design I mean maybe I think who did you talk about this.

    I’ve talked to friends that, no matter how hard Jay Rogan tried, Elon Musk hasn’t been willing to give away details about his design for the electric plane, but there are others who have thought about it. How can one look and be an enthusiast. The fans and engineers were happy to try it out.

    The VITO aircraft, nicknamed the Model V, designed by industrial designer Tom Abbott Davis, uses the best of electric current technology and an aerial platform that, although it resembles a flying saucer, is actually based on a manta ray. Yes, the design of the Model V started in 2014. It was hand-crafted three years later when he went on to attend Stowe School for his undergraduate studies and his graduation in 2019.

    While they didn’t share what they found, it was a response from Elon Musk, who left a comment on Twitter, stating that the Model V was initially designed as a passenger vehicle, but was designed to seat three people. Was modified slightly to accommodate. If you want to take some friends along for the ride it has titanium turbine blades that can fly vertically with an easy transition to forward flight and a rear fan on the gimbal for a smooth and graceful flight.

    All of these features allow for the distributed electric propulsion needed to lift the aircraft into the sky and keep it there. The plane was also designed for the safety of the passengers so that if one side of the jet fails for some reason the other side will keep working so you can get the jet on the ground safely but thinking about an electric plane Tesla is not the only company, some companies have also started making prototypes, have you ever heard about the launch of Alice? Heard about the time Aviation introduced the Alice plane.

    Its publicity was so tremendous that it overpowered even Tesla. It became the first electric aircraft that could be used commercially and could cover a range of about 600 miles, which may not sound like a lot, but remember it was a prototype. So there’s still a long way to go, the plane can only carry nine passengers and is a great option for regional travel. Aviation is ready to host the inaugural flight for its aircraft but as we said earlier getting approval is not easy.

    Certification of the Alice aircraft is ongoing and may take some time, not expected to begin operations as a commercial aircraft until next year in 2024, but you know how these things go and back on schedule are pushed, so there is always the possibility that another company like Sikorsky will team up with the Lockheed Martin company to beat it. The name behind some of the best helicopters and research institutes developing electric helicopters in the US.

    The Firefly is the most prominent prototype and all of its engines were removed and replaced with electric motors and lithium-ion battery packs, the helicopter is now believed to be the world’s first, fully electric helicopter, but is still a Long way to go, it can only fly at 92 mph for about 15 minutes, and the blades will keep spinning even when there’s no power in the battery. It will be interesting to see their future development in space. For this, who else is going to be the first to have a strong footing in this.

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