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Elon Musk puts Twitter deal on hold

    Today we’re about to talk, wrap up with a story about Twitter, a platform in a state of glitch. Its managers are being fired New hiring has been put on hold and the new boss is believed to have sealed his deal. Why has Elon Musk temporarily cited the buyout?

    As for the reason for the fake accounts he says the deal has been put on hold pending details that spam and fake accounts represent five percent of Twitter users, but who have tracked Elon Musk’s travels.

    They won’t be surprised by this latest twist. Here’s more Twitter’s turmoil is leaving two of its senior executives, Cavian the Big Poor, a general manager who leads the research and Bruce Falk, a Twitter spokesman.

    He’s put his papers down, word that he was fired The Big Poor confirms that he says he was fired from the company but that was the CEO himself for leaving in a tweet Said, he said that the truth is this.

    That this is not the case and I imagined leaving the tweet Ter and it was not my decision Parag asked me to leave after telling me he wanted to take the team in a different direction in a deleted tweet.

    Bruce Falk made the same claim. He said that he too was fired by Parag Agarwal. Why nobody knows in a memo sent to employees that the CEO of Twitter said that it is important to have the right leaders at the right times, but the point is is.

    That Twitter isn’t really going through the times, its revenue is dwindling user base, the company is failing to achieve growth goals It has stopped all new appointments and backfills.

    It’s not offering any new jobs, it’s also going to cut most of its expenses which is adding to the concerns, Elon Musk is the new owner of the platform he’s temporarily placed there is a decision on his deal .

    Which has left investors uneasy in the immediate aftermath of the Elon Musk announcement, why nearly 22 percent of Twitter shares fell in pre-market trading Elon Musk spam and fake accounts pending details on the deals you’ve seen on multiple occasions.

    Elon Musk has said that removing spam bots will be one of his top priorities as the owner has accused the platform of not doing enough about it before. Twitter executives hit back this month in a regulatory filing.

    He claimed that false or spam accounts represented less than five percent of his monetizable daily active users, could this explain Musk’s decision in Musk’s own words. This data is the exact reason he is withholding the deal. .

    The company has been on the sidelines internally since Elon Musk bought Twitter because of his future plans for the platform, from sacking more than a thousand Twitter employees to charging government users and cutting reliance on advertising revenue. His plans have troubled the authorities.

    Restructuring explains his paranoia as does Elon Musk w.

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