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Elon Musk Plan To Colonize Mars

    Elon Musk Plan To Colonize Mars

    On 1 February 2021, Elon Musk said in the clubhouse that in the following 4 to 5 years the human species is to be taken to Mars and Mars will turn into a tenable planet, which implies that by 2025 Mars will turn into a tenable spot. 

    It would be astonishing for realize that individuals of NASA had said that it will require some investment till 2033.

    Stage – 1

    Elon Musk said that he will do it by 2025 and the work will continue at a high speed, with the exception of Mars, the wide range of various planets have gas, because of which there is no life in the remainder of the planets.

    Elon Musk and the large organization just saw Mars since it is workable for human existence and SpaceX organization has begun investigating it all over the planet that now people must be sent there and in 1997 NASA handled the principal meanderer and that wanderer Tested the dirt there.

    Then, at that point, the meanderer gave all the data there yet he was unable to do something significant, he didn’t know something significant that what he planned to get, which will be extremely helpful for our human species in future. The main thing in our human body is water, which existed as ice.

    • The meanderer sent all the data and afterward Elon Musk imagined that something must be done, he said that when the researcher said that there is life on Mars, he began working, the mission was to go to Mars which would have been a hazardous.
    • Elon Musk purchased bitcoins worth 10:08 crores on February 8, 2021 for example 2% of his life was contributed on bitcoins and Elon Musk additionally declared that he has seen the future and there is significantly more assuming you contribute . 
    • What’s more Tesla Motor will likewise take bitcoin. Hearing this, the cost of bitcoin shot up. Bitcoin created 60,000 gain interestingly on March 1, 2021
    • When we got the fresh insight about the environment and water, the researchers began accomplishing more exploration, they sent more wanderers there, for the data of the dirt, they attempted to know exhaustively what components were found in it.

    What we should be aware of Mars, how about we know exhaustively –

    Stage – 2

    air and water is vital for us defaces has its own environment yet not equivalent to earth, and assuming we talk about air pressure it is just 0.6% of earth, in the event that an individual without space suit will go to space first so he might pass on.

    It will kick the bucket in a moment and the ice will transform into a gas, not water, as environmental strain eases back. The environment there is flimsy that the sun’s beams arrive at the surface however there it goes into space outside Mars and goes on for 24 hours. 

    There is a virus season, then again, our world’s climate is extremely thick, because of which it doesn’t permit the sun’s beams to leave the earth.

    Mars has the most carbon dioxide and a couple of percent oxygen, no ozone layer and our earth has a gravitational power that will maneuver you into the ground, however in Mars this power is considerably less than on the planet, that is, multiple times less.

    1) Atmosphere

    1. The air of Mars is exceptionally thin, making the environmental stresses extremely low.
    2. There is carbon dioxide available in the air, and oxygen must bring nitrogen to make the air thicker.
    3. Our earth is extraordinarily high yet how to carry gas to mars, we should observe such source on space.
    4. In which oxygen, carbon and nitrogen are in full quantity and it is said that we have Brahma now.

    2) liquid water

    1. If the atmosphere on Mars becomes dense, then at that time it will also work here, because the sun’s rays do not leave the earth due to the great air in our earth.
    2. In comparison, it will happen on Earth. Mars, currently ice will turn into water because the climate inside is dense.
    3. This will happen and there could be a big problem if the ice starts to dissolve more then Mars will have 33 percent water at that time, after thinking about the researchers, it will be done.
    4. There a lake is made a sea crater, then at that time the reaction can take place and the water from the sun’s fury will vaporize and turn into mist, later it will rain.

    3) Gravitational and attractive fields

    1. The power created by the electromagnet that would move around Mars and the attractive power produced by the electromagnet would not let.
    2. the dangerous beams of the room in This query is as simple as it looks yet it is the best answer for us.
    3. Will Elon musk make Mars tenable with the assistance of this or is there another approach? 
    4. Elon Musk’s central goal.

    Will actually want to be fruitful, most certainly give your viewpoint, see you in the following post

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