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Elon Musk owned the most ridiculously expensive things only the rich can do.

    Elon Musk is the world’s richest man, he already has an idea of ​​how he’s going to spend his vast wealth, having served as CEO of electric car firm Tesla and space flight firm SpaceX The tech entrepreneur has overtaken Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at the number one spot.

    Today we look at the top 10 most expensive things ever owned by this eccentric billionaire No. 10 Tesla-inspired python, at the unveiling of his new Model Y Tesla car in March of 2019 the billionaire was sporting a flashy new pair of sneakers for fifteen hundred dollars Black and Red were made by Air Jordan DMCustom Shoes.

    The sneakers are covered in genuine python skin. Musk is jumping on stage to show off his new kicks at the car lunch while the genuine Tesla version of the shoe isn’t for sale. Can get a pair online.

    The company will sell you a pair of shoes for one hundred dollars and you will have to pay an extra nine hundred and fifty dollars to have them custom made and the shoes seem to be in high demand, in fact there seemed to be more excitement on the shoes, car muskets custom The cost of a kind of shoe was at fifteen.

    Hundred dollars but will increase in value over time Number Nine Tesla Diamond and Ruby Ring 37000 Elon Musk is not surprisingly known to be a person who buys such expensive things, although he hired celebrity jeweler Ben Bowler to make diamonds. Inspired by and created the Ruby Encrusted Ring Bowler. The ring with the Tesla logo on it.

    He is worth 37 thousand dollars, he gave the ring to Elon Musk as a gift baller, he said he wanted to find a way to thank Musk for building Tesla and providing jobs to more than 50,000 Americans, this is the first and Only a few weeks after delivering the only one is Musk, who owns a Tesla.

    Locked in his car for more than 30 minutes when the electric door went off on him and number eight refused to open the Audi Q770 000 When Elon had a very young family, his Tesla company was building a two-seater car. So Elon Musk needed something bigger for his blood.

    He chose what was at the time one of the most luxurious SUV Audi q7 and he was not overly impressed, he loved the style, not the substance. When it launched in 2006, it was the biggest, most sophisticated off-roader. Money could buy Rodgers, but there was a significant problem.

    Even though it had a third row of pop-up chairs making it a full seven-seater accessibility it wasn’t easy the Audi q7 is said to be a particularly terrifying Musk even in the best condition you’ll need with an apology. One needs to be a midget climber to get to the back seat.

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