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Elon Musk Officialy Bought Coca Cola

    Tweeting about buying Coca-Cola to put cocaine back in Elon Musk next time, the tech billionaire who recently acquired Twitter has announced his new target Coca-Cola Elon Musk.

    Coca-Cola’s statement was meant to be a joke, it immediately threw the business world into panic, with experts beginning to wonder if Coca-Cola could pull off something similar on Thursday.

    The billionaire told his 87.1 million Twitter followers that he would acquire Coca-Cola to put back cocaine in an Elon Musk post on the social media network, which is being scrutinized a little more closely than the million more per day.

    Active Twitter users are waiting to see how the extraordinary billionaire will revolutionize the platform or simply what he does next when we consider how much it will actually cost to buy Coca Cola.

    It’s more plausible that Elon Musk was joking about buying the corporation, according to the most recent Statista data. Coca-Cola is the world’s most valuable drink in 2021 with a brand value of $87.6 billion.

    The Coca-Cola Company had a market capitalization of more than $285 billion as of Thursday, roughly equal to the total estimated net worth of shares of Elon Musk. The firm was trading at sixty-five five six on Thursday morning with Elon Musk bidding for Twitter at twenty-four decimal two zero.

    A popular financial account responded to Musk’s Coca-Cola news by publishing a screenshot of the value of Coca-Cola. You are too poor to buy Coca-Cola and while it is true that the legendary brand will be a bit expensive, writing Share Colas Today Elon.

    It’s hard to predict what Elon Musk might buy in the future. Twitter only a week ago seemed like a wild idea. According to Bloomberg Mr. Musk is the world’s richest person with an estimated worth of $289 billion.

    He is the CEO of the world’s largest electric car firm which lends credence to his announcement. The distinctive cola soft drink is attributed to its two main ingredients, referring to the association of maltose with cocaine to older beverage companies.

    Coca leaves and kola nuts while kola nuts contain caffeine. Coca leaves serve as the basis for the psychoactive drug cocaine-less coca leaves. The alcoholic beverage was still considered medicinal when carbonated soft drinks were once an essential ingredient in the composition.

    It should be clear from the second part of his awkward speech that his ambition to buy Coca-Cola was merely a joke. Introduced in 1886 in the form of a produced extract.

    Substance abuse was not banned at the time, although cocaine was removed from soft drinks in the 1990s and it is highly unlikely that it will be legalized again, regardless of its intention.

    Many on Twitter praised Musk’s remarks that suggested billionaires could buy and raise or restock several other companies, but that hasn’t stopped netizens from jumping on the bandwagon and making memes and jokes about what it might look like. That’s if Elon Musk can really pull it off with the Spoon hashtag.

    Hashtags like Coca-Cola Hashtag Elon Musk left global trends speculating what the next company would be in his car, while some suggested things like McDonald’s and YouTube others couldn’t imagine.

    If he really starts to think about it one user suggested Elon Musk buy tik tok and then erased it. Another requested that he buy Game of Thrones and remake last season.

    another laser booth about buying ola and reintroducing winning tacos said a fnc contributor urging elon musk to check into youtube it’s as awesome as twitter buy me a house also amazing Will happen.

    Dogecoin founder Shibatoshi Nakatomo expressed a desire to see another season of Firefly, only Musk knows if he is making fun of Tesla. The founder is known for occasionally expressing humorous thoughts on his Twitter account.

    His tweets often ignite controversies on a variety of topics, with Free Speech Muscat previously tweeting that he wanted to buy McDonald’s and fix all the ice cream machines.

    Musk tweeted his first McDonald’s quote this morning. Listen Tweet I Can’t Miracle Ok Musk who was participating in the Virtually All-In podcast was discussing the amount of bots on Twitter when he cited his tweet as an example.

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