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Elon Musk Officially Warned Bill Gates For The Last Time!

    Elon Musk Officially Warned Bill Gates For The Last Time!

    The last time Elon Musk officially warned Bill Gates Elon Musk and Bill Gates don’t really see eye to eye with each other The two Silicon Valley billionaires have had a long-standing feud but recently That feud has taken a different turn and it looks like Elon Musk has given an ultimatum to Bill Gates.

    So watch this video till the end to know about this fight. Don’t miss any updates related to the SpaceX Tesla Starship or basically multi-talented tech icon Elon Musk. And don’t say that this hasn’t been a particularly close relationship between the Microsoft billionaire and the SpaceX titan of Tesla, but things are heating up.

    These two moguls are among the richest people in the world as both have openly discussed everything from electric cars to the coronavirus over the past year, and although their public appearances aren’t always serious, they are fundamentally candid about the coronavirus. are clear from And since they are key players in virus treatment and vaccine development, their disagreement carries even more weight.

    This is how the enmity between Elon Musk and Gates started. It is very clear that Gates is not a fan of Tesla cars and he made this clear to the public during an interview with YouTuber Marquez Brownlee of Tesla in February 2020, according to Gates.

    To which he responded by tweeting that Gates’ comments have always been underhanded, but in July the situation really started hating him when Gates brought up Musk’s issue. Gates dismissed Musk’s comments on CNBC’s Squawk Box, saying he shouldn’t be talking about the pandemic bill.

    Elon Musk’s position is to maintain a high level of disparaging comments. He is not much involved in vaccines. They make a great electric car and their rockets work well so they are allowed to say these things I hope they don’t confuse the areas they are more involved in with both Musk and Gates fighting the Corona virus are not.

    Gates has pledged $100 million to fight the virus through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Musk is redirecting Tesla resources to make ventilators and Gates is working with CureWorks to help with vaccine production. Are. One investor is building a device to help, but Mars has often underestimated the severity of the virus and has strongly criticized stay-at-home orders since March 2020.

    He promoted the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment, said children are immune to the virus and questioned the coronavirus data. Musk is reported to have said that there would be close to zero cases by the end of April 2020, but then the US alone had crossed 500,000.

    Elon Musk jokingly posted several tweets about Gates, including Billie G is not my boyfriend and the rumor that Bill Gates and I are boyfriends is completely untrue, I think he took pot shots before tweeting In September, Musk tweeted that Gates had no idea about the electric truck in a podcast interview published in September.

    After Kara Swisher of the New York Times asked Juarez about Musk, including whether he would get vaccinated, Muskie retorted at Gates by saying he was conducting antibody studies with epidemiologists at Harvard University.

    And Kurback Musk mentioned the value of Tesla to Fischer in an interview Gates said something about me I didn’t know what I was doing like hey knucklehead we’re actually Kurmac the company you They make a vaccine machine for the investment they have made.

    world in November 2021. Since then he and Bezos have swapped places as the world’s richest according to Bloomberg’s billionaires index, their net worth now at $221 billion, but Gates is not as quiet as it may appear Because they focused on the Jabot Mosque. Rocket. But he also praised her in a February interview on Kara Swisher’s swaying podcast Gates.

    He said he is not interested in investing in outer space projects like his fellow billionaires Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. He said no, I am not a Martian. I know a lot of Martians. I don’t think his rockets are the solution, but maybe I’m missing something there, he said he’d rather spend his money on vaccines here on Earth than on gates for space travel.

    Elon Musk cites Tesla’s work as one of the biggest contributions ever made to climate change, says it’s not a good idea to underestimate Elon, Gates expresses concern about online craze for cryptocurrencies which has helped fuel Elon Musk in an interview with Bloomberg Gates. In his thoughts on cryptocurrencies, he noted how much energy bitcoin uses, so it isn’t very green.

    Also he warned investors not to put money in bitcoin like Tesla said in bill Elon has lot of money and he is very sophisticated so I am not worried that his bitcoin will randomly go up or down he said That I think people are bought into these frenzy who may not have extra money.

    So I’m not bullish on bitcoin and my general thought would be that if you have less money than Elon you should probably take a look at Musk, because Elon Musk tweeted a political cartoon about Gates, but he It was soon deleted, with Musk tweeting a cartoon portraying Gates as the mastermind of the coronavirus response plan, which involved people downplaying and intimidating him.

    The final step in Musk’s plan for the inevitable Rexiom rollout was the relaunch of Microsoft’s discontinued MP3 player Zune which Garrison Musk didn’t approve of Image You may soon be feeling a strange longing for the Zune, but he did 2020 done after.

    Has been at the center of conspiracy theories about the coronavirus, including claims that he wanted to implant microchips in people with the Code 19 vaccine, but last year Musk made a statement when Bill Gates appeared on David Letterman’s show in 1995 appeared.

    TV host mocks business magnate in interview on Dec 20 to support Internet Musk tweets TikTok video. Entrepreneur Jason Calakanis can be seen in the video watching old clips of the show.

    1990s audience laughs out loud when Bill Gates says yes, then Letterman asks who exactly is Bill Gates who explains nicely that this has become a place where people are publishing information So that everyone can have their own homepage, there are companies wild what are you doing.

    You can send electronic mail to people. This is a very new thing. Letterman couldn’t believe he could watch a baseball game on a computer, and he admits he’s criticizing something he doesn’t fully understand.

    That said, but you know it’s easy to criticize something you don’t fully understand, which is my position here, but I remember a big breakthrough was announced a few months back that Internet or any computer deal. But they were going to broadcast a baseball game. , you could listen to a baseball game on your computer and I thought the radio was ringing while Bill Gates was explaining the specifics on the Internet.

    The audience laughed out loud it’s not a big difference you can listen to a baseball game whenever you want and letterman’s response to it is stored in one of your memory deals and you can watch it again a year later access letterman Mock du tape recorder plays a video at the end of Bell Calacanis defends the internet saying it’s too easy to look back and better to say it’s global.

    It is available 24 hours for free and anyone can publish it whereas only few people can publish well on radio they said there is a gatekeeper so we never got the gatekeeper part and they will be the other reason why it is unbelievable Why is it I used to try to explain the Internet to people when I was 23 24 years old and I think the same thing is happening now with Web 3.

    Elon Musk replies to his tweet on this clip I’m not suggesting web 3 it sounds more like a marketing buzzword than reality just thinking the future is like 10 20 or 30 years 2051 which Looks crazy futuristic. Essentially, Web 3 will aim to completely decentralize the internet, reducing the dominance of the big players in the technology.

    Apparently this was the last activity the two had in the past few weeks, so it looks like the feud between these two may be over or maybe it’s just a pause, we’ll never know for sure anyway. What do people think of this?

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