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Elon Musk Offers To Buy 100% Of Twitter For $54.20 Per Share

    Elon Musk Twitter

    It says no, but BOOM! today’s fresh news. Elon Musk Is Offering To Buy Twitter For $54.20 A Share What Will He Do Now? Go home or go big? He’s going big.

    Who is that Eddie Guy, Andrew? his worst nightmare. Jonathan Greenblatt. If he owns the whole place, it’s like going for it. The Orange Man will be back. This is an incredible stock up of 13%.

    That’s how much the stock was worth before seeing the stock price jumping on the news. On this news, UP 13% long term, in the last few weeks, it was only Monday a week ago that we first came to know that it has made a 9.2% stake. Look at the stock. You see the stock at 36.

    The jump above $50 harks back to the idea that maybe he’ll get out of it, not like the idea about suing this shareholder comes to the fore about selling you, if you helldock it right now. Has nothing to do with activism he came on the broadcast he is on the phone now he said he says it from the beginning.

    We said if he is taking his ball and going home or coming back and doing more he is doing more we have to look at this filing to see who is paying for all this Well, that’s the question that’s part of what I have as a person is a lot of money to do.

    Is someone lending money, he’s probably good for it. I’ll take a check, I can’t wait for him to come clean, let’s ask Dan Ives. What are we doing $30 billion? are we here? It closed yesterday at 2:15 in the market at a cap of $36.76 billion.

    The other 6 an increase of 12%. I am S.E.C. I am looking Filling this out it looks like reporting person Elon plans to do this excerpt. Not enough couch change quick enough, can I tell you? Yes. This is a comment from ELON in S.E.C.

    Filing 2:40 to the Chairman of the Board I have invested in Twitter because I believe there is a potential platform for free speech around the world. I believe that free speech celebrations are a social imperative for a democracy. Now I realize that the company will not run in its present form.

    Twitter needs to convert as a private company I am offering to pay 100% of Twitter for $54.20 plus part of the cash and premium before investing in the first day. 38% premium one day before my public announcement This is the best and last offer.

    So I need to reconsider my position as a shareholder Twitter has extraordinary potential. I’ll unlock it Elon Musk. This is the best and last offer. Take it or leave it. If you don’t take it, I’ll sell all my stock, even worse if the deal doesn’t work out.

    So I don’t have faith in the management or I believe that I can bring the necessary change in the public market. I need to reconsider my position as a shareholder. other components. He is effectively out. That’s part of the script he’s writing.

    The question is why did they wait six days and announce 4/20? Joining us now is Dan Ives of WEDBUSH. Will it fly? This would put Twitter up against the wall they would have to accept through a strategic process.

    But there’s really no way Twitter can deny it, in my opinion. Finally from fiduciary standpoint, they put so much premium here and they have cash now.

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