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Elon Musk: Now Twitter Will Grow Faster

    Elon Musk

    Twitter has taken the stock market by storm as the tech giant is now said to reconsider Tesla owner Elon Musk’s controversial buyout offer, with Twitter shares rising more than three percent amid reports of ongoing discussions between the two camps.

    The social media platform is likely to agree Elon Musk’s offer of 43 billion as Maas posted a cryptic tweet and I hope even my worst critics stay on Twitter, as free speech means growing speculation. Twitter may announce a deal of 54.20 per share between Rs.

    The board has met to recommend the transaction to Twitter shareholders if the two camps seal the deal, which would come just four days after Elon Musk announced a financing package to support the takeover offer.

    Elon Musk’s announcement on the funding led Twitter’s boat to take the deal more seriously and many shareholders called on the tech giant not to let the opportunity pass, before Elon Musk took to social media with his tweet.

    He plans to make Twitter a billionaire next, then bought a share of the company in March, after Twitter’s CEO claimed the company would not allow Elon Musk to join its board, even after Tesla’s owner was held by a federal shareholder. suit was filed. Securities class action lawsuit because Elon Musk failed to disclose his stake in Twitter.

    The billionaire said he is willing to pay 54.20 per share to buy a hundred percent of the company. If the acquisition does go through, the Twitter tech giant is likely to cause quite a storm. It is one of the biggest critics of the U.S., claiming that it curtails free speech.

    Now joining our correspondent Susan Tehrani live from New York for more updates on this Susan, thanks for joining us. Big news, followed by lots of anticipation of a hostile takeover, like a poison pill, was all being used, amid reports Twitter shares have now jumped three percent.

    The company will soon accept the controversial takeover offer, meanwhile Elon Musk is as happy as ever Get involved in any form of investment, even their fiercest critics on Wall Street seem to be somewhat excited.


    I’m standing outside the New York Stock Exchange right now where Wall Street and other investors are anticipating the news that Elon Musk will do a deal with Twitter. You know, it matters in part because the deal has been criticized by those Which is not really in favor of Elon Musk.

    Twitter has some lazy unbiased views on content media moderation and those who applaud Musk approach think he will be more open to free speech like Twitter. That would probably be an exaggeration on both sides, but on the other hand you know. We probably won’t hear a final reply until later in the afternoon, of course reacting that you mentioned Wall Street.

    Twitter for its part is probably riding this wave of these high numbers and high shares, I want to say last time uh twitter has 54 kills and 20 cents a share and that is Elon Musk’s offer back in November 2021 and it still hasn’t hit that stock.

    It’s higher than ever it’s at 50.99 and that’s as close as twitter is probably going to ride this um high stake and it’s probably going to make an announcement later in the afternoon and we’ll have to see if they Whether or not an agreement is reached, they’re still teasing that anything could happen.

    There are still a lot of questions left and remember jack dorsey one big question is whether he will roll his shares or not you know what’s going on aside from the business side of things this is big for all of us The news is Twitter is a huge platform and in fact Elon Musk was a big critic of Twitter, saying that it curbs freedom of expression.

    There has been a lot of criticism about him saying that he is the owner of Twitter and also saying that a person such a powerful personality, who has so many different polarizing views, sometimes even owning Twitter is not a big deal. Is. What’s your take on free speech on a large scale?

    really you know and it’s one of those things that’s really dominated the conversation and it just shows how much appetite for change on the one hand uh really is that they’ve given Elon Musk this kind of freebies Hero of Speech.

    On the one hand there is the hope that Elon Musk is going to come with his magic wand and is actually the savior of free speech on the one hand and then you have the other side that is really backfiring at somehow Elon Musk is going to be like this of the person who is about to come.

    That would take away all the power that maybe uh people were and the shadow banning others will no longer have that power and this is a very curious conversation we are seeing right now again it seems both sides really overreact Well, it seems like an overreaction.

    There are serious questions that still need to be answered and those questions are, will Elon Musk have an equity partner, will Jack Dorsey play a role, does it matter for example that Elon Musk himself violated the Sec rules And the timing of its initial disclosure of twitter share purchases and for example for um who has many twitter followers.

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