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Elon Musk Next Generation $25k Tesla Model Will Revolutionize The Electric Car Market

    Elon Musk Next Generation $25k Tesla Model Will Revolutionize The Electric Car Market

    Elon Musk has given the first look at the next generation Tesla model which costs less than half the price of other Tesla models at Rs 25,000 and people have gone crazy over it but what is the next generation of Tesla model that makes it different .

    Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s engineering team has shifted its focus to a next-generation electric car platform that will be half the price of the Model 3y platform, Tesla is now talking about making a cheaper electric vehicle, but inflation And the prices are rising instead due to the high demand for electric vehicles.

    The automaker is talking about a next-generation platform that would at one point in the future enable 25,000 electric cars, CEO Elon Musk said, adding that Tesla was aiming to release a cheaper vehicle by 2023. , however Musk has announced that Tesla ‘isn’t working on an affordable electric car in 2022 as its focus has shifted to the Optimus robot and ramping up the model by production.

    The CEO also suggested that a cheaper electric vehicle may no longer be in Tesla’s plans as self-driving has a bigger impact on cost per share. During the conference call that followed the release of Tesla’s Q3 2022 financial results, Miles Musk confirmed that it is still in the plans and that Tesla will use its engineering skills to develop the next generation EV platform.

    That’s the primary focus of our new vehicle development team, obviously at this point we’re working with the engineering for the Cyber Truck and it’s clear that what we’re doing is working on a next generation vehicle that probably 3 and will take about half the cost of the Y platform. It will be short, to be clear. It sounds like a small Tesla vehicle platform that would enable electric cars for between $25,000 and $35,000.

    Dollar is growing. Musk said that this new platform is intended to be produced in higher volumes than all of Tesla’s other vehicles combined, explicitly adding that we’re taking everything we’ve learned from the sx3y Cybertruck and adding to it. Platform has cm but we are on two for one target we are trying to get cost 50 number again CEO believes Tesla’s next generation vehicle platform is going to be able to produce electric cars .

    At half the cost of labor and factory space to produce a Model 3 that currently starts at forty-seven thousand dollars, we’re glad to have confirmation that affordable electric cars are back in Tesla’s shoes, though We should take cost predictions with a grain of salt. Tesla does not have a good track record given that the Model 3 was supposed to start at thirty-five thousand dollars, which was only briefly and this was before the inflationary crisis and the Model S. Had to start with fifty thousand.

    dollars which it did for a while, but with a software locked version that was quickly discontinued, so I’m not going to put that much weight into predicting costs, but if the goal is cheap then small electric cars Mass production Tesla will definitely end up with a platform. That enables smaller and cheaper electric cars that will drive EV markets. There are several game-changing elements in the EV world that have patiently but carefully kept tabs in recent years.

    Solid State Battery Fully Autonomous Driving Will some of these SPAC mergers actually produce a series production vehicle As one of the biggest names in electric vehicles, Tesla has promised a number of products, some of which it has Delivered but many not yet for the Cyber Truck and the second generation Roadster is another famous Prospect 25 000 model promised by Tesla.

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