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Elon Musk new girlfriend, Natasha Bassett, New journey

    Elon Musk new girlfriend

    Elon musk new girlfriend, Today we will know about Elon Musk’s new girlfriend.On Thursday 17 February, a mysterious new woman was seen disembarking from a plane.Elon Musk and Natasha got off the ship wearing black coats, then everyone saw them.

    A source close to Elon revealed that Mystery Woman is one such actress.Elon and Natasha are starting new dating for a long time.They have been dating for several months and are currently in a monogamous relationship.The source told us that the actress is Australian Natasha Bassett.

    Elon Musk new girlfriend

    Elon girlfriend is from Australia, and their beauty has no competition.Natasha is set to be his girlfriend, and Grimes will be deeply saddened by the loss of Elon.Natasha’s new movie Elvis Biopic, which will hit theaters on June 24.In which Austin Butler plays the role of King and Tom Hanks plays his manager.

    Where rock and roll films can be big films, in which Natasha is working.Elon and Grimes spent 3 years together. Grimes would be completely sad.Sun xae a12i, it was born in May 2020 after the couple split.Whose real name is Claire Boucher.

    Elon revealed that she is currently living with Elon.Both Elon and Grimes did not have a good rapport, so they had a rift.Grimes composed a song that made Elon angry after hearing it.Elon said Grimes’ songs convey breakup messages, so he chose another partner.

    She shadows her ex like the player of the game.He said a lot to help his electric car company, his new girlfriend revealed.What do you have to say about this, you tell me what Elon Musk did right?

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