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Elon Musk: “Mr. Beast Could Be Twitter’s Next CEO”

    Elon Musk: "Mr. Beast Could Be Twitter's Next CEO"

    In the old days, Elon Musk has decided to step down as CEO of Twitter Has the entrepreneur found his successor in the popular blogger Mr. Beast The social network Twitter is again waiting for failures Elon Musk a true champion of democracy He arranged many votes for the issue and as the people say.

    Elon Musk quotes the Latin phrase The voice of the people is the voice of God thus saying that it is the voice of God Thus saying that it is the voice of the majority that will decide what changes will happen in the future Restoration of Trump’s account Such was the case with and still is the case when the entrepreneur arranged a vote asking whether he should resign as CEO of Twitter.

    After people made their choice by voting for Elon’s departure, Musk said he would respect the final results of the poll of the more than 17 million people who voted in the poll, which Musk himself posted at 57.5% of users. Billionaire S agreed that he should no longer run the social network. He said he would abide by the decision but whether he would abide by it would be a matter to be seen if someone wanted to replace him.

    Elon Musk said he would be happy to step down as CEO of Twitter if he could find a replacement, making it clear that many users want him no longer since the billionaire famously quit the social media a few months ago. Do not leave As the media platform took over, many were concerned about the site’s future, with some even wanting to become Twitter’s new director, but the most popular of those was none other than Mr. Beast.

    It currently has a membership of 126 million people and is in third place. Miss Fei posted a tweet today asking if she could become Twitter’s new CEO. Musk later replied that it was not out of the question. That Mr. Beast would have a chance to take the position. he hasn’t actively retired yet, Musk has made it clear he wants to retire as soon as he can find someone to take over. An overhaul of Musk’s Twitter verification resulted in major accounts being taken down, before several controversies arose over the social networking site’s management.

    Just as trolls became one of the most high-profile stories of the year, Twitter’s decision to change its verification system sparked a firestorm. The flood of criticism from many app users prompted Musk to conduct a poll asking users whether they would like him to step down as CUO if Musk is serious about answering Mr. Beast. This would be an interesting turn of events as Mr. Beast seems to be very busy.

    High budget video While Mer Beiste has been selected as Twitter’s next CCO, this will be another big move for the content creator over the next few days and weeks will undoubtedly show how seriously Musk takes this potential offer but Musk’s Who will manage it in your absence? The social media site will remain a mystery until it is known who Jimmy Donaldson is. This is YouTuber Mur Beast. A true sensation of the modern Internet, Musk is confident that Jimmy will be able to replicate his success on YouTube.

    They both have a similar work-based philosophy on Twitter that Elon Musk and Mr. Beast are working very hard to achieve high results. Elon Musk is known for his almost insane, 16 hours a day average for some work ethic. And work seven days a week. Musk feels that Mr. Beist is more qualified to replace him as CEO of Twitter, that he is the person who will be able to drive Musk’s idea of Twitter to its greatest potential.

    Mr B said that as soon as he takes over as the head of Twitter he wrote what he is going to do first My first job is to make sure creators actually want to post videos on Twitter and not just on Dec 19 Would like to link to the forum. Elon Musk introduced another radical change The technical support account of the social network on Twitter warned that from now on users will be prohibited from creating accounts whose content will only be links leading to Twitter competitors’ platforms.

    The message states that Elon Musk’s company will no longer allow free promotion of certain social platforms on Twitter. Facebook Instagram specifically discussed how to reduce the competition faced by Twitter from the giant social media platform and it was discussed on Twitter. Mr. Beast will have to deal with spam and fake accounts if he wants to achieve significant success on Twitter. Twitter’s engineering team must verify all Twitter accounts to make sure they are legitimate. This will have little impact on the company as it will only reduce the number of Twitter users.

    This will need to be done in large numbers, social media are extremely important in the industry, because the more users there are inside a social network, the better it is for the business. The number of users is about as high as the traffic advertisers are currently willing to pay, with Twitter struggling to maintain the number of users attracting only 400 million and Mr. Beast looking to convert that number to four or five times that number.The biggest question is how to make it so that he has the answer.

    I must say this is a great answer, Betty shifted her rich experience from YouTube to Twitter and Kasturi is hopeful that this successful YouTube person will bring a video sharing platform to Twitter Elon confirmed this in a tweet Let’s see That’s what happens when Twitter rewards great videos and rewards creators higher, Elon confirmed in a tweet. Let’s see what happens when Twitter offers great videos and high rewards for creators. With this, content creators will get 20 more remuneration than what they are getting now.

    In this regard, we can expect an increase in viewership and unique content on Twitter, although competition among video sharing platforms is so high that Twitter video sharing on the service will undoubtedly be at a disadvantage, analysts believe. Significantly, short videos are produced in the form of Tiktok and Instagram. If Mr Zverev had chosen this direction, he would have had to look to the now popular YouTube short videos in Chinese Tik Tok before opening up to the video sharing platform Twitter.

    Elon Musk mulls over the idea of reviving Vine, an American video sharing platform that shares six-second videos, the platform stopped functioning in 2017 and Musk is seriously considering the possibility of its revival. , until Mr. Beastie later pitches his own idea. Twitter’s video sharing service in its usual way. YouTube and its more than 123 million subscribers were interviewed, about 70 of whom supported Vibe’s return.

    Elon Musk bought The Social Network Twitter for 44 billion Big news businessman Elon Musk had planned to improve the entire social network Twitter but now Mr. Beast will publish it on 7 November. In his account of the social network’s rules, he clarified that they would change over time but that for now they would be particularly effective, with the document dealing with violence, harassment, terrorism, sexual abuse of children, hatred of minorities, etc.

    According to the company, the practices prevent users from expressing their opinions and consequently reduce the value of global public discussion, allowing Twitter users to post other people’s personal information without their permission and infringing on other people’s copyrights and trademarks, including may infringe the intellectual property rights of Also prevents infringement American entrepreneur and new head of Twitter Elon Musk said he plans to make the micro-blogging service the most trusted source of information in the world.

    Our goal is to make Twitter the most reliable source of information on Earth, even though he wrote on his page on the social network that Mr. Beast has a great plan to rethink Twitter. This young man has achieved a lot of height at the age of 24. done, he intends to work side by side with Elon Musk and realize the full potential of the social network Twitter, it will not be an easy task and you will have to put a lot of effort into it, but in the future it can move forward Is.

    Why not a young blood who does everything with burning eyes who achieves great success but does not stop there creative twitter under the leadership of Mr. Beast and supported by Elon Musk will be implemented and reach new heights, thinking talent and hard work Work hard work, only time will tell for us whether he can achieve much Do you think American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson nicknamed Mr. Beast is the best person to lead Twitter.

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