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Elon Musk meets with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, plans Amazon availability project

    A day after meeting with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Brazilian President Jar Bolsonaro said his country is interested in partnering with the world’s richest man to bring Internet connectivity to Brazil’s schools and improve healthcare in rural areas. is.

    Thousands of Amazonian schools are expected to expand satellite monitoring of rainforest technology developed by SpaceX and Starling to the Internet and to whether or not believe the Amazon rainforests take to Twitter, said Elon Musk and I quote him here in Brazil To be.

    Super excited for the launch of the Starlink network for 0 19 000 schools in rural areas and environmental monitoring of the Amazon rainforest Musk further added that the new project aims to further monitor rainforests and bring broadband internet to rural areas in Brazil with a plan .

    that he had previously discussed with members of Bolsonaro’s government deforestation Brazil’s Amazonian region has hit a 15-year high on Bolsonaro, pushing for more mining and more farming in the rainforest and it certainly.

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