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Elon Musk Makes Explosive Discovery In Twitter HQ’s Closet, Goes Viral

    Elon Musk Makes Explosive Discovery In Twitter HQ’s Closet, Goes Viral

    Late on Tuesday, Twitter owner Elon Musk shared a 12-second video clip of a search done in a closet at Twitter’s headquarters, which went viral on sight. If you had any doubts that this social media platform was biased towards the Left, what she found should be enough to convince you.

    According to the Daily Wire, the video Musk posted of the closet revealed shelves with a bunch of T-shirts as part of a Twitter sale, all featuring phrases that reflect the company’s real perspective under its former leadership.

    Elon Musk says a person off-camera, ‘the secret closet. The Daily Wire reported that Twitter added 1.6M daily active users in the past week, Elon Musk said Monday despite criticism from the political left of his handling of the company.

    Meanwhile, a coalition of 60+ civil rights and civil society groups calling itself the Stop Toxic Twitter Coalition has urged Twitter’s top advertisers to boycott the company, threatening if Elon Musk doesn’t roll back basic moderation practices. Twitter is already on the books and they should invest the necessary resources to enforce those rules.

    The widespread layoffs at Twitter have made it impossible for Twitter to maintain brand safeguards and content moderation. Companies should immediately stop advertising in response, they continue. United Airlines, Volkswagen, Audi and Balenciaga are some of the brands that have accepted the alliance’s demand, according to the alliance’s website.

    The Daily Mail reported that since taking control of Twitter, Musk has now laid off about 50 percent of the original 7,500 employees and accepted resignations from 1,200. Tagging Musk in a tweet on Monday, political commentator Dinesh D’Souza said, “We don’t hear much about Democrats and the Left going back on Twitter because they’ve never been kicked out before.”

    His lies and misinformation survived all scrutiny. Censorship is positioned as a one-way operation against conservatives. Musk clarified on Sunday that he was planning to take action to deal with the issue of child abuse that has long been prevalent on the Twitter platform.

    As one user commented on the forum, Elon Musk has begun to address the issue of posting child sexual abuse material on Twitter after years of inactivity of the forum on the topic under previous management. Elon Musk has followed through on a lot of the things he said he would do after buying Twitter, and it’s a good sign for things to come.

    We have seen many accounts that were unfairly banned, including former President Donald Trump, who was removed on January 6, 2021, after being accused of rioting, despite the fact that he condoned the violence Was.

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