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Elon Musk Like: Who will save Twitter now?

    Elon Musk

    Tesla’s billionaire Elon Musk has taken the social media space by storm after buying Twitter, the tech icon launching a plan to buy Instagram, why Elon is buying the photo-sharing platform and at what cost IG’s purchase is likely to join Twitter. would be more complex than that. Elon Musk is not done with the social media industry yet.

    After taking Twitter private on April 25, she has now turned her attention to photo-sharing site Instagram There’s no doubt that Elon is a man on a mission and wants to completely change the social media space, apparently thanks to his The only way to clean up the social media industry is to keep the various social media networks private.

    Which has been welcomed by most of the social media users. Elon’s plan to reform the industry Given that it has been very toxic over the years, the level of concern becomes even higher for a site like Instagram, where 40 users e many young people under the age of 23 are social. Love the media site.

    It provides them a platform where they can communicate with others and even follow their friends, it is unfortunate that such young minds are exploited and bullied on the platform goes. Girls are the most influenced on Instagram.

    It is said that some of them have even lost their lives, but how is it all as mentioned earlier that Instagram is a site mainly used for sharing photos and short videos? Girls are often attracted to low self-esteem in a spiral of negative social comparisons of their body shape and size as a result of which teens are attracted.

    When their photos end up not getting a good number of likes compared to their peers, this leads to stress and depression. Wants to buy Instagram so it can remove features that have promoted comparisons in the past, with the tech icon noting that most people on IG live a false life, the photos they post on the site aren’t their real lives.

    A true representation of this is what Tech Icon says in their own words that people are posting pictures of a time when they were really happy. Be what they’re doing Selecting pictures for the best lighting The best angle is the one Elon Musk insisted on.

    Most people post their good photos just for other people to see that they’re doing well on Instagram. Some people who appear happiest may be the saddest. It is regrettable that no one will do well all the time regardless of their social or financial status.

    Some users upload pornographic content on the platform which is inappropriate for a large number of teenagers on the social media site Other users also post on the photo sharing site some pictures that promote violence The world’s richest man is also present on the site Wants to change the algorithm because it causes people to become addicted.

    The algorithm will always recommend posts that users are interested in wasting time that can be used to do other things on IG that are more productive, similarly most Instagram users are less productive at work because they spend most of their time Check for any updates on social media sites.

    Addiction on the site is also fueled by various hashtags that are synonymous with the site, a very good example being Selfie Sunday where users will share their selfies, Tesla billionaire Elon Musk has also tried to reduce the amount of advertising that happens on the social media platform. are ready for.

    Ads usually ruin a person’s experience online because they focus on a 3:51 person’s attention ready to launch a premium service of IG that is similar to Twitter Blue Premium IG would probably be Twitter Blue. Where users subscribe for three dollars per month.

    But with the tech icon slashing the amount to two dollars a month soon, it’s interesting to see whether Musk decides to merge Twitter and Instagram or leave them standalone. Cap is expected to pay more money than he paid $44 billion in Twitter’s case.

    The cap was 39 in Instagram’s case, with Musk expected to pay around $110 billion, given that the company has a market cap of $102 billion, the one it founded in 2014 to buy out smaller social media sites like Facebook. Quite common for social media platforms.

    Meta bought WhatsApp in 2006 for $19 billion, Google bought YouTube for $1.6 billion today, the video streamer brings in more than $28.8 billion in revenue every year, while Elon Musk introduces payments via Dogecoin on Twitter , For crypto enthusiasts set to offer non-fungible tokens on IG, there is a possibility that you have heard the words cryptocurrency and nfts.

    You must be wondering what is the difference between the two words. Not surprisingly, here are the simple and main differences between the two cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin. Fungible which simply means that you can exchange one Dosh coin for another as they have the same value but On the other end is the irreplaceable token ns As the name suggests they are not fungible.

    Which simply means that you cannot exchange one nft with another as each nft has its own unique value. An nft is a unique digital asset that is stored on the blockchain, assuming your Have a material asset such as a painting that you cherish very much.

    NFTs gives you a chance to own the painting not only physically but also in a digital sense as all you have to do is select the quality of the item once you have it. You can run it in a blockchain to give it a unique identity, then you can give your new digital asset a price tag and start selling it online.

    The beauty of this is that you can give it whatever price you want. Other people who own the digital image will have to reach out to you so that you can sell them along with your physical painting, you don’t come with another digital image. because blockchain technology does not allow replication then n . Instead of just posting pictures on ig, they would now be doing business with likes.

    There is every possibility that a business-like environment in the platform can reduce the level of toxicity on the site as people will be more professional. Co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey is someone who received the tweet from the world of NFTS that says Just Setting Up My Twitter 6:59 was first posted in March 2006.

    Auctioned last year by Mr Dorsey for the charity Mr Estavi. In March 2021 Jack bought the tweet as NFT, sold the NFT for $2.9 million and donated the amount to a charity organization that was fighting the greed of 19 in Africa, but what is mind-blowing is that Mr. Estavi is just a year later.

    The 48 million success of selling tweets in the social media industry is primarily measured by the number of users a certain platform has, which simply means that the site can easily reach many, many people.

    Micro blogging site which has more people so that they can reach higher audience then how many users IG has with around 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is related to most popular social media network worldwide, social photo sharing app especially popular with.

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