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Elon Musk Just Shocked “USA Will Destroy Russia”

    USA Will Destroy Russia

    USA Will Destroy Russia, We will talk about the latest news about Ukraine and Russia, Elon Musk helped Ukraine and analyze what is happening now.On Saturday March 5, batch of Starlink President Vladimir Zelensky of Ukraine talks with the head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk.

    During which they agreed to supply the next batch of Starlink satellite communications equipment, I spoke to Elon Musk.I am grateful to him for supporting Ukraine with words and actions next week we will receive another batch of Starlink systems for destroyed cities Zelensky wrote on Instagram and Twitter and posted a video of the conversation.

    What do terminals ensure?

    USA Will Destroy Russia, The Ukrainian president said that he had also discussed possible space projects with Elon Musk, insisting that it would be possible to talk about them in more detail after the war. Recall that on February 27, Musk announced That has become a Starlink service.

    Available in Ukraine and terminals that ensured that the first batch of equipment arrived in the country at the same time, said Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister of Digital Transformation and entrepreneur Mikhail Fedorov, a day later.

    He did not specify what type of equipment Ukraine received and how it would be used, instead the head of the Rose universe, Dmitry Rogozin, stated that Starlink’s supplies are wasted so this is their next public relations campaign in War Robinson.

    Which concluded on March 4 Elon Musk told to use ground Starlink internet access equipment based in Ukraine with caution because the equipment could become a target for an attack.The signals may be tracked by the Russian military and directed to their missiles but there is no evidence that these devices will allow you to access the Internet.

    Was told to go into emergency mode?

    USA Will Destroy Russia, Satellites in Earth orbit are not yet known for whom the network access system is intended, according to the BBC, a situation likely to be used only by Ukrainian authorities and not by citizens of the country currently in Ukraine.

    It is expected that the speed and quality of the network will deteriorate over time, it is noted that Starlink may become one.Backup system for enterprises and government agencies to maintain Internet access Elon Musk previously published a post in support of Ukraine.Also Russian rallies are being organized in major cities of Russia with the aim of ending hostilities in Ukraine.

    The billionaire also called for emergency measures to confront Russian entrepreneur Elon Musk, asking American business and officials to immediately go into emergency mode to increase oil and gas production to turn Russian hydrocarbons, he said about it on March 4 on the social network Twitter.

    Has Russia affected the economies of other major countries as well?

    USA Will Destroy Russia, It’s hard to talk about but we need to urgently ramp up oil and gas production.Which e Lone said with the statement that the Tesla CEO has indeed acknowledged that at present the green energy industry is not yet able to respond quickly to the situation when Ukraine demand for oil gas and their refined products Sanctions against gasoline are increasing rapidly, mainly due to price developments.

    Russia has also affected the economies of other major countries, with harsh sustainable energy solutions simply not immediately compensating for Russian oil and gas exports, although Musk himself understands that such a statement about increased hydrocarbon production could lead to This will have a negative impact on sales of their Tesla electric vehicles.

    The global anti-Russian coalition at the United Nations, created and sponsored by the United States, has faced serious problems.It was said by Ted Carpenter, an expert on international issues, in an article for National Interest magazine.In his opinion it is clear on a resolution by the vote of the United Nations General Assembly that Russia calls for a halt to the special operation in Ukraine on 2 March.

    What did Russian President Vladimir Putin say?

    USA Will Destroy Russia, The UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling on Russia to halt operations in Ukraine, the resolution calls for Moscow to stop the use of force in Ukraine and withdraw troops from the country.Sanctions imposed against Russia hit it hard on the US, the situation is escalating but recently the conflict between Russia and America’s two largest countries has escalated after the President of Ukraine sought to close the skies over Ukraine.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said the creation of a NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine would be considered by Moscow. As the President of the Russian Federation participating in an armed conflict we now hear that it is necessary to create one.

    No-fly zone on the territory of Ukraine, it is impossible to do this from the very territory of Ukraine, it is possible only from the territory of some neighboring states, but any movement in this direction will be considered by us as participation in armed conflict.From a country that threatens our soldiers, at the very moment we will treat them as participants in a military conflict, no matter what kind of member they are.

    What does term zone mean?

    I hope there is an understanding of this and that the United States does not support the idea of ​​creating a no-fly zone over Ukraine, the White House said, adding that its provision would require the presence of the US armed forces.Which would mean a possible direct conflict and a possible war with Russia. A petition to NATO on the introduction of a no-fly zone over Ukraine has received the million votes needed for consideration, the only thing the coalition was obliged to consider.

    After appeals but this Friday NATO Secretary General Yen Stoltenberg immediately rejected Ukraine and warned that if a no-fly zone is introduced it would already be possible to talk about a full-scale war in Europe with no-fly What is meant by the term zone An armed conflict no-fly zone is usually created over the territory of a state during a military conflict.

    When the sky is completely closed any aircraft flying in the area are immediately shot down. Such restrictions on important objects even in times of peace. can be installed.For example with large crowds of people on stadiums with a large crowd of people on government buildings or squares and in this case all military aircraft flying over a closed area are also destroyed.

    What did White House spokeswoman Zelensky say?

    US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken denied the introduction of a no-fly zone, eventually leading him to believe that Ukraine could cope on its own. On February 27, the Russian president ordered O’s transfer.f resistance forces to a special combat duty mode for all actions of the US and NATO countries and if an unmanned area is introduced and Russian planes are shot down by other countries it would actually mean the start of the Third World War Will be.

    All of which needs to be known about the no-fly zone the US military would need to establish it would actually mean that the US military is shooting down Russian planes.Despite the fact that nine countries now belong to the nuclear club, White House spokeswoman Zelensky said the total size of the nuclear arsenal is several times smaller than during the Cold War, but it doesn’t give you a particularly regional or global catastrophe.

    Easy Points:-
        • The combat duty regime of the Russian nuclear forces can be correlated with an increased degree of combat readiness.
        • After which the President of Ukraine, speaking from Kyiv Vladimir Zelensky, attacked NATO leaders with fiery speech for refusing to introduce no-fly zones across the country.
        • Elon said the West’s reluctance to intervene gave Russia the green light to continue bombing cities and villages the White House has said repeatedly.
        • The United States does not support the idea of ​​creating a no-fly zone over Ukraine, according to the White House press secretary.
        • We would need the presence of armed forces to ensure Gen Saki a no-fly zone which would mean a possible direct conflict and a possible war with Russia which we certainly do not want to enter.
        • There will be an escalation that will make possible a military conflict between us and Russia. This is not what the President would like.

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