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Elon Musk JUST SAID “I Hate You Putin”

    Elon Musk JUST SAID “I Hate You Putin”, The conflict in Ukraine that began on 24 February 2022 attracted the attention of many public figures, who were one of the most active people to enter the discussion of that topic, in this post we will try to find out in what position the American billionaire is in.

    We will talk about the latest news about Ukraine and Russia and about the help of Elon Musk in Ukraine and analyze what is happening now. According to the actions of the islands we can say that in general he is Ukraine Supports and stands for a peaceful resolution of conflict is the clearest evidence of this.

    The businessman began supplying equipment for the Starlink system to Ukraine to avoid possible information isolation from the rest of the world, on occasion Musk and Ukraine’s President Zelensky also had a telephone conversation. Zelensky wrote about this on his Twitter account the following week, according to this politician.

    Ukraine w i received another batch of starlink systems i spoke to elon musk i am grateful to him for supporting ukraine with words and actions next week we another batch of starlink systems for destroyed cities In addition, the Ukrainian leader said that during the talks the American billionaire potential space projects were discussed.

    Already on 27 February Starlink announced that the service had become available in Ukraine and terminals that ensured that its operations were diverted there the next day Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov announced that the first batch of equipment was launched in the country. He did not specify what type of equipment Kyiv received and how it would be used.

    Based on expert assessments we are talking about satellite communication terminals and charging systems for these terminals against this background, a similar conversation between Musk and Russian President Vladimir Putin seems likely Navy Still Russian corporation rose Cosmos and billionaire company SpaceX are leaders in the space technology market.

    Their cooperation could be beneficial to both sides and accelerate the conquest of space by mankind, although at the moment relations between Rose Universe and SpaceX are strained, due to the head of the Russian company Rogozin to the founder of Tesla. The history of competition and personal enmity, the conflict between Rogozin and the Mask began a long time ago.

    The head of the Rose universe since 2019 has been vaguely talking about SpaceX Musk. He had a long debate with him, but in April 2020 he still could not stand it. On 10 April 2020, there was a working meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, everything went as usual.

    The parties made several interesting statements that were actively discussed by all the media, but the most interesting thing that emerged was that Für Ther Roszin said that Russian Cosmonautics is working to reduce the cost of launch services by 30 percent, Not only is it competition from US companies funded by NASA to reduce costs, especially in the non-production part, but for their dumping policy, for example the head Rose Cosmos cited Elon Musk’s company SpaceX.

    Which has a market launch price of $60 million and NASA pays five to four times more for Musk for this apparently Rogerson’s word honestly because the latter reacted very quickly on his Twitter page, SpaceX chief noted. Said that the problem of Russian cosmonautics is the lack of reusable rockets, Russia has zero of them, but the mask company has eighty percent of the total.

    You know that Dmitry Rogozin is also an active user of social networks, his answer was not even Took a long time to wait Rose The leader of the universe replied that the instructions were received from the President of Russia but the Russian cosmonaut certainly United After the States did not require directives, Rogerson tweeted another post in which he declared the cynicism and hypocrisy of American opponents.

    We suggest that you experience the fullness of sensations from this recording by publishing Robinson’s words. There was a dispute between Musk and Rogazin,

    Musk and Rogozin have since argued openly with each other on the Internet, their conflict developing with the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, between American inventor and head of SpaceX Corporation Elon Musk and There was a lively clash.

    Rose Cosmos Corporation Dmitry Rogison began on March 14 after the businessman posted a post on his personal Twitter in which Musk jokingly challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to a fight and called Ukraine’s territory a condition at the time of writing the post. made. 330,000 likes were received and the fight goes on till the second day.

    At the same time the businessman wrote the name of the head of Russia in Russian, and in Ukraine, the director of the rose universe retweeted the businessman’s entry by replying to the inventor with a quatrain. Pushed in, it seems that the Post Rogazin made it clear to the mask that the creators of Tesla have not been able to fight with Vladimir Putin.

    Not ignoring Dmitry Rosison’s reply and visiting comments to the post of head of the Rose universe, it seems that the businessman took heavy artillery within the meme as Dmitry Rosison beat the meme from Musk, the inventor of his old tweet. about the fact that Elon does most of his recordings in the toilet.

    The head of Ross Cosmos invites American businessman to leave the restroom to start a conversation. While Elon Musk has the last word to write, the businessman posted a quote from The Idiot Theodore Mihailovich Dostoyevsky on Robinson’s blog suggesting it It was that his rival organized a book club as he snaps his wrist, Musk wrote in a tweet.

    The inventor may have hinted at an analogy to Fight Club from the book of the same name by author Chuck Polanick. Opponents fixed tweets with memes and mentions of toilets in their AC counts but no longer commented on comic conflicts on stage, social Users of the network mostly supported Elon Musk’s entries in the account of the head of SpaceX and in the blog of Dmitry Rosison.

    But there were also commentators who were head of the rose universe. But despite all this Elon Musk continues to take a fairly neutral position towards Russian American entrepreneur Elon Musk said that the global Starlink satellite internet system despite requests from some states Russian news Refuses to block the outlet.

    Governments of some countries not Ukraine asked Starlink to block Russian news sources, we will do it only at gunpoint I’m sorry I’m a supporter of complete freedom of speech, he wrote on his Twitter page, although Russian Despite such generosity towards the media, one should not think that Elon Musk is on the side of Russia.

    Recall that recently their Tesla corporation promised to pay at least three months’ salary to Ukrainian employees who would be called to their homeland to take part in hostilities, to the Ukrainian employees of Tesla to defend their country. They will be asked to return for at least three months.

    The TV channel said in a statement, it is noted that the company has sent this written statement to its Ukrainian employees in Europe. After these three months in the Middle East, Africa, the company will make further decisions on payments in accordance with the development of the situation in Ukraine. Tesla has not yet developed relations with Russia for political reasons.

    The US Department of Commerce has published a list of luxury goods subject to a ban on supplies to Russia since March 16, the list includes nearly 600 items including tobacco liquor, some clothing, wristwatch collectibles and cars among the largest exports from the United States to Russia. are one of A million dollars in 2020 cars, including Tesla electric cars, but the further sanctions will not be noticeable neither for Tesla nor for the Russian marque.

    The CEO of Dmitry Chumakov says that the deliveries of Tesla cars in Russia were absolutely short and essentially carried out by enthusiasts, these are sales that are completely invisible to both the company and the Russian automotive market. Other manufacturers of electric vehicles already have a strong position in Russia in many segments in sales volume, there was no information about when Tesla itself will enter the Russian market.

    This development of events probably cannot be called negative for the Russian market. As for other cars first of all it is about luxury cars, maybe Cadillac but even if it disappears its sales in Russia are very low and in my opinion it will have no consequences for the Russian market.

    Have a nice day!!⭐❤️

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