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Elon Musk JUST REVEALED Tesla’s $15.000 Tiny House

    Elon Musk JUST REVEALED Tesla's $15.000 Tiny House

    Build such a house or is it just a hoax, we are talking about an upcoming invention about Elon’s company and how it may or may not be the best thing for our future Elon of those audiences Who is Musk, as the as-yet-unknown well ends up living under a rock, for starters.

    But don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Elon Musk is a multi-millionaire who is currently surpassed by Jeff Bezos Elon Musk in terms of net worth CEOs and founders of companies. Tesla SpaceX and PayPal and has continued to contribute to the field.

    Recently he has captured the world’s largest social media. The hat should come to your mind but let’s not get carried away with today’s topic Recent reports suggest that Tesla owner and CEO Elon Musk has embarked on a new project.

    This project is Tesla’s new tiny house sustainable. Made with the idea of ​​living it might surprise you that this man can’t do anything good As far as we know it is debatable he is the master of both the land and the space.

    We are here to revolutionize every aspect of our lives and with new innovative homes like these, we are one step closer to the goal we had hoped for. It has been claimed that the CEO of SpaceX owns a house that costs much less than a Tesla vehicle.

    This house is so little worth hope that we can’t even imagine how cheap it is. Despite how cheap it is Tesla was crazy about the new compact sustainable tiny house that inspired him to become an official announcement June 14 Elon Musk said in an announcement That he is actually selling his house.

    In the previous Elon Musk said that his primary residence is a house of 50,000 in Boca Chica, I suggest we need to call it a star base that he rents to SpaceX, however this turned out to be when a follower noticed that Elon Musk Confused about your relationship with the media.

    Criticism is hated citing Musk’s wealth and now the news that his mansion has been sold to fuel the already burning fire is a joke anyway. Meanwhile the same follower revealed that Elon Musk would now be Living in a boxable casita that costs 50. Are there 000 prefabricated houses still

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