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Elon Musk Just Revealed Tesla Insane New Carbon Wrapped Engine

    It Happened Elon Musk Unveils Tesla’s Crazy New Engine Tesla Cars are absolutely crazy There is one more thing that makes Tesla such a special engine that never ceases to amaze.

    In most cases they are powered by a battery or an electric motor, it is important to know that gasoline vehicles have engines with a variety of moving parts that can wear out over time. Tesla’s models however come with an induction motor whose Invented by Nikola Tesla himself, it is equipped.

    A transmission with an inverter, a differential battery pack as well as regenerative brakes is the difference between an electric motor and an internal combustion engine when it comes to its operation, especially when the latter requires a crankshaft with a counterweight.

    so that it can coordinate linear motion of the piston with rotational motion, a battery charger to pull out a motor to start a flywheel and a cooling system among many other things a smaller lighter and smaller induction motor on the other hand a direct Rotation produces motion and it produces uniform output power.

    Compare Tesla’s induction motor produces 270 kW of power and weighs only 31.8 kg, in contrast a snow that produces 140 kW of electricity would weigh around 180 kg as soon as the Nichols motor was invented and well 20 Was in the th century. A fixed location is connected to a three-phase AC outlet.

    The induction motor invented by Silicon Valley for digital electronics in the 1960s was finally freed from its moorings. Alan Kakani, a maverick engineer who worked on electric cars in the early 1990s Developed one of the first custom portable inverters at the beginning of the decade.

    which is a device that converts the alternating current in an electric car battery AC into direct current DC. A motor requires a command to drive the inverter or motor combination. Originally used in EVs which were later developed by GM became the EV1 and Cocconi later dropped an improved version of that powertrain.

    In the t0 sports car, which was later discovered by two Tesla Motors co-founders Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning, and Elon Musk himself took himself a bit off the track in terms of technicality, it is common knowledge that an ice engine is only for experimentation. Produces suitable torque and power.

    Within a limited range of about 2000 to 4000 rpm so that a transmission is required to connect it to the drive wheels an induction motor on the other hand is efficient almost all the way from zero rpm to a speed of about 18 000 rpm, the model being the same simple single speed Uses transmission.

    Which is used for most EVs induction motors without smooth power curve. The interruption in gear shifting is what makes electric vehicles so satisfying to drive, although EVs have some components that aren’t in the snow such as an inverter that converts the DC current from the battery pack into the three-phase AC required by the motor.

    Although the inverter also controls the speed of the motor and as a result induction motors are more energy efficient than permanent magnet motors because they do not require permanent magnets, which are needed to make motors of permanent magnet electric vehicles spin, There are usually rare earth magnets. which are notorious for buying prone to monetization or

    Braking and subjecting to wide fluctuations in prices have actually allowed transistors to be used in the transportation industry for pm3 induction motors, in contrast to induction motors which use electromagnets which are wired around a ferrous metal core. There are coils that can be switched hundreds of times per second by transistors, which have mysterious sounding names.

    Such as the Complementary Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistor MOSFET and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor IGBT during operation a strong magnetic field emanating from the motor’s stationary region called the stator results in one of the magnetic fields surrounding the highly conductive copper rotor.

    thats why it is known as magnetomagnetic technique as we all know by now what happens when two magnetic fields interact that they pull towards each other it will be the same as when you hold a magnet Move another magnet with the opposite polarity to your kitchen table and the magnet you hold near it.

    He will attract another magnet in the same way when two opposing magnetic fields come together within the motor of a strange model s p100d, the car takes off like a throbbing bull, although it is true that the induction motor is a brilliant technology. Not flawless unlike other electric cars Tesla’s system is based on a copper rotor.

    Which is expensive and difficult due to the working nature of induction motors, the rotor gets hot at times and may even get hot like yours. One can see that heat is a significant waste of energy in an electric car and it matters a lot because of this the induction motor is also not as efficient at low speeds.

    As much as other motor designs luckily there is always a cheaper and more efficient solution available. An option model 3 comes with a switched reluctance motor made of permanent magnets pm srm or permanent magnet switched reluctance motor is the term tesla uses for the motor it is a new type and very difficult to fix .

    But Tesla did it Constantinos Lascaris who is Tesla’s chief motor designer, characterized the advanced motor in this way, so as you know our model 3 has a permanent magnet machine, that’s because the specifications of performance and efficiency The permanent magnet machine solved our cost minimization function optimally, on the other hand it was optimal for range and performance goals.

    The Model 3 motor is actually smaller in size than the smaller front motor of the Model. It performs as well as you would expect with some owners saying the vehicle is capable of going from zero to 60 times faster in 4.8 seconds

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