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Elon Musk Just Revealed Robot Girlfriend

    Elon Musk Just Revealed Robot Girlfriend

    Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has just released a fully performing AI robot, the robot was on display during the annual Tesla AI Day event to show off some of the most exciting technology the company is working on. What a working, tested humanoid robot looks like.

    What effect would this potentially have on factories and homes? Join me today in this video where we find out how Elon Musk, who released a fully performing AI robot, Tesla, proved to be no ordinary automobile company by positioning itself as a fully electric company.

    They are equipped with unique autopiloting capabilities that enable you to drive around without touching the wheel which may sound somewhat impossible considering the complexity of such technology demands but it is Tesla working on developing an autopiloting system . Time is investing resources and manpower.

    Not only be your co-driver, but actually be your driver, although the Tesla cars have not yet been allowed to drive independently, but the idea of self-driving cars or robots on four wheels is also being explored with humanoid robots.

    The project launched during the first Tesla AI day last year, the humanoid robot named Optimus, once fully completed, is expected to replace human hands not only on the factory floor, but also at home, yes Robots may soon cook your favorite dishes.

    Going to shop and much more without your order. Yes, they will have access to your food stock on shelves, fridges and stores and decide if they need to add anything during the event. Tesla has a robot that is on stage like a figure performing a robotic circus. Help the audience see what they were making up.

    And of course the large audience, which included fans, was highly influenced by online influencers and it is a goal for Tesla AI Day to attract top AI experts to join the team in addition to showcasing amazing innovations at AI Day There was an opportunity.

    The number of existing experts is crucial in taking the project to reality because to develop a robot that can completely replace humans demands a high level of creativity and intelligence that can only be achieved by connecting the right brains. Could Only can be achieved and all this was not launched during that time.

    Tesla A Day You Know That Robots Can Go Before They Can Do Anything Independent Of Humans, Which Means They Need Minds Of Their Own To Think And Make Decisions, So Tesla Unveils A Complex Supercomputer That Same Day Did what is known as dojo which will not be used for.

    Not only to drive Tesla’s Autopilot EV, but to better understand the role of the humanoid robotic Dojo computer, a special type of supercomputer with even greater potential. For the simple tasks around which your daily life revolves, the GPU is similar to the CPU.

    Besides they are mainly used for processing graphical information, they are also excellent at doing AI calculations when your data becomes big and slow and inefficient and difficult to solve. The only way to solve this problem is to share processing responsibility by distributing data among many other computers.

    Seeing this challenge Tesla decided to develop dojo computer which has very high processing power and hence how dojo computer will work in humanoid robot is very simple let’s make this analogy in front of kids. To be able to do household chores such as cleaning the house, shopping or simply riding a bike, they must first be taught.

    Testing is an experience in itself Let’s say on the one hand you own a Tesla and you decide to use the Autopilot feature, which will have all the Autopilot cameras and sensors.

    By transmitting data to the Tesla supercomputer with all the same data from Tesla cars around the world, the supercomputer will receive diverse experiences on road dynamics. The experiences of individual Tesla cars are lessons to train the Tesla AI on what to do in the midst of these situations.

    AI capability and the data given to it is linear the more data you give it the more intelligent it will be it will be like a child who wakes up one morning not knowing how to ride a bike it will learn through many trials and failures learn from their mistakes master by learning To become and become better enough that we can explain it.

    Suffice it to say that there is data and there is still more data that trains Tesla AI’s deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms, making it not only fast and efficient, but accurate with Tesla AI Day 2 Event And also intelligent. Palo Alto Calif. on September 30. The event was originally scheduled to take place in August, but was delayed until late September.

    Elon Musk explained that we may have an Optimus prototype by then and at that breathless event the Tesla CEO displayed two robots on stage that run on the same computing hardware as Tesla’s fully autonomous EV, one didn’t move but the platform inside And went out and another one about 5.3 feet tall walked on stage waving to the audience.

    The robot weighed 161 pounds or 73 kg. It was kneeling on the platform, which is a common feature among many robots. Keeping it upright requires a sophisticated balancing mechanism that is yet to be developed. Optimus takes small steps one at a time and can reach speeds of up to 5 mph. According to Elon Musk, the bots are powered by a 2.3 kilowatt-hour battery, which should last them for a day’s work.

    The robot can consume about 100 watts of power and 500 watts of power when running at high speed. The robot also demonstrated its ability to move all fingers independently and this is an important feature for your robots if they really want to replace humans in terms of flexibility.

    Feasibility It’s clear there’s still plenty of room for improvement as in the Elon Musk slaying video, which showed how the bot was able to carry watering cans of plants in the garden as well as pick up objects off the ground, Optimus Basically its skeleton contained most of the wires and green LEDs as well as the dual fans that cooled its processor.

    How about the humanoid form that informs the choice according to Tesla that a human-sized robot would gain general acceptance in human society if it had any other. After all it is expected that caregivers of the elderly will interact with the children from home and you don’t need a robot that looks like a dinosaur for these duties.

    Otherwise the house would be unsuitable for the little ones. When we talk about the issue that humanoid robots might become violent, you immediately remember Elon Musk’s passionate warnings about the dangers of AI as well as killer robot scenarios. The response to his predictions of an AI doomsday is the rather irresponsible Elon Musk.

    He said he evaluated and concluded that Zuckerberg’s understanding of the issue was limited, adding that he had been exposed to a very cutting-edge method of AI and that I think people should be really concerned about. I keep ringing the alarm bells but until people see the robot going down, people are getting killed in the streets.

    They don’t know how to react as it seems like Elon Musk’s autocratic AI may be worse than ether, his choice of words shows how he believes the doomsday and terminator scenarios are actually real world scenarios. can play as, although their alarm bells may be ringing a bit overambitious.

    A valid point that AI enthusiasts have been going through in the recent past. We have seen an increase in cybercrime cases around the world in the last year, with some unknown hackers hacking the U.S. have entered. The pipeline system, a major pipeline carrying oil from refineries to industrial markets, was shut down for several days.

    It gets so bad that President Biden had to declare a state of emergency. Similar attacks are targeting health care systems in hospitals. But those were just service interruptions. What if hackers could soon turn computers against people? Let’s find ways that don’t involve staging miniatures of the Terminator.

    Doomsday However, as far as Elon Musk is concerned, Optimus robots are nothing to fear, not only because they can easily outrun or overpower you if they get mad, but they are also protected by cyber security features.

    We’ve always wanted to be careful not to go down the path of the Terminator, yet there’s still a lot to be done on the robot project before it’s ready for production, and Tesla isn’t alone in this. Google and Amazon are working on a similar project. So are Huawei as well as many others, but in all this the project remains a challenge.

    Reproducing the complexity of human flexibility as well as the demand for independence and decision-making is no easy thing, Jonathan Hurst Chief Technology Officer at Agility Robotics has much to say about what people can do with dexterity. This is a robot. And it’s not going to change whether the robot is a robot arm or a humanoid well-shaped, Elon Musk defies the odds, Tesla CEO is very confident.

    He believes production could last until 2027 and is already looking to the future with robots. He said that a future of abundance is a future where there is no poverty where you can do whatever you want. Products and Services But Tesla has nothing to worry about as they already have an established company.

    With Tesla recently surpassing a market valuation of one trillion dollars to become the world’s most expensive carmaker, they will also leverage existing resources already working on Tesla Autopilot. To come up with a fully AI performing robot that costs less than a Tesla car is obviously what the world needs.

    Twitter or any forum is bound by the laws of the country that operates it I think we should be very careful about anything that is anti-virtuous and anything that results in uh free speech [MUSIC] is suppressed, so clearly there are limits to free speech in America and of course Twitter has to follow them.

    Right step that’s what I think it’s so important that we have some of the smartest people in history have thought about it and said that freedom of expression is important to a healthy democracy, it’s important and free speech is just What matters is you know those are the other two aspects of the work blind virus that I think are very dangerous.

    it’s often anti-bureaucratic you can’t question things uh questioning is bad too so uh you know you know the other way to be almost anonymous is we’ll cancel the culture and obviously but people you’ve got many Have tried to dissuade many times, say that when research matters most you don’t like to say something you don’t like when someone happens.

    When it really matters you know obviously and and it’s very upsetting when someone who doesn’t like you um there’s foul language that’s some form of foul language okay you know um That I hate spinach and if it’s a sauté in you then know about cream sauce may be good enough but the problem is someone says so.

    Ok here is a tweet i hate politician yeah next tweet i wish political politician x was not alive like some of us said for example about putin so it’s legit There’s the speech, here’s another tweet, I bet politician X wasn’t alive with a picture of his head as well as his address I mean at some point someone has to decide which of those is correct No, can an algorithm do it or of course you need human judgment at some point.

    As i said in my view uh twitter should match the laws of the country and actually you know u have an obligation to do but go beyond that um and it’s not clear who’s changing what, Tweets to whom, where, from where mysteriously created can be promoted and demoted.

    Don’t know what’s going on uh going to be a black box algorithm uh promote some things and not other things I think it can be quite dangerous so open source algorithm it’s a big deal and I think That many people would be welcome to understand it’s really how it’s judging and criticizing and criticizing is what I mean.

    As i think the code should be on github as you know uh and so many people can look at this and say i see a problem here i don’t agree with this um they the same way suggest that you update Linux or Signal or something like that Free speech is really extremely important and it’s bizarre that we’ve come to this point.

    Where um free speech used to be a left or liberal value and yet we see uh you know in quotes uh really want to censor um and uh it sounds crazy I mean I think we need any be extremely concerned about the thing that undermines the first amendment, one of the reasons the first amendment is because the first amendment is because people came from countries where they couldn’t speak freely and where and we’re saying certain Are.

    T hings will land you in jail and they were just like we don’t want that here and anyway it’s possible in many parts of the world people may think that the United States of America speech laws are the same England are quite different I any No name the country but why are we protecting them they don’t have any prima facie it is very easy to prove liable in England.

    Whereas here is almost england but yeah i don’t want to say the wrong thing or uh yeah you can be easily prosecuted i mean a lot in france i think if you deny the holocaust Which I find disgusting but I also think it should be part of free speech, well you can be thrown in jail.

    So this month i really we can’t emphasize this enough we uh uh we must protect free speech um um and free speech only matters if it’s someone you don’t like saying something or like it Let’s do because obviously every speech you like it uh yeah it’s easy I think if in doubt we want to err on the side of it.

    So let the speech but uh it would be you know you know uh a gray area I would say let’s let the tweet exist but obviously you know a matter where maybe there’s a lot of controversy uh You don’t necessarily want to promote that tweet if uh you know I’m not I’m not saying I have all the answers here.

    But I think we want to be very reluctant to remove things and just be very cautious with permanent band you know timeout I think permanent band is better and or but in general I said how this Wouldn’t be right.

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