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Elon Musk JUST REVEALED NEW Tesla Model Y 2023

    Elon Musk JUST REVEALED NEW Tesla Model Y 2023

    The 2023 Model Y is here and already very different from the base version released in 2021 From price to its software Tesla has made massive changes to one of its best selling cars but how different are the two models What is the new software? Going to be updated with the 2023 Model Y.

    The 2023 Model Y doesn’t look much different from our old model but Tesla has made a few changes that affect the performance and pricing of the car. The starting price for the 2023 Model Y will be $58,000 to $19,000. 2021 model, which cost Rs 39,000.

    Quite a big leap but first how do you know which version you have Before delivery of your car, Tesla sends the car’s Vehicle Identification Number or VIN for short and it contains a lot of information about your car.

    which contains information what year your car was made the 10th digit indicates a letter for the model year of the car if you buy a tesla model y the 10th digit should be a p indicating it was manufactured in 2023 Gone was gone, so let’s start with the exterior of the vehicles.

    There are some changes in the 2023 model which are not present in the older versions and the most obvious difference is the removal of the ultrasonic sensor from the new model to the older model. You can see the imprint of the sensors around the front and rear bumpers of the Model Y which are small circles. Ultrasonics looked like sensors that measured distance using ultrasonic waves.

    Commonly used to support anti-collision protection systems, especially in low-speed applications. Now Tesla plans to replace all 12 sensors with its Vision system, like parking, the sensor was removed from the Model Y and Model 3 and the Tesla Vision launched simultaneously.

    It is currently using its full self-driving beta to replace data generated by the old one. EV maker Sensors claims this approach improves their autopilot and enhances a car’s overall safety by giving it long-range visibility and the ability to identify different objects in the environment.

    But if you are planning to buy the 2023 model then why can’t you use the Tesla Vision yet and the USS has been removed from the vehicles which means Tesla features like Park Assist Summon Smart Summon and even That auto parks are also temporarily limited.

    Many are not happy with this change as it limits key features they have come to expect from Tesla vehicles. Others feel that the company could have improved the sensor instead of ditching it completely. And there’s only one way to do it.

    Tesla saves about $150 per vehicle by shipping more cars and increasing their sales by removing the sensor, which may not sound like a lot, but when you multiply it by the 2 million cars Tesla plans to sell.

    The company could save more than a hundred million dollars this year, and it looks like the Tesla Vision will be available earlier than we expected, after an EV mechanic ripped apart the front bumper of a salvaged model, which opened up the sensor. Even without saying, the Model 3 can still measure and display the distances of objects around it.

    Which makes it all the more surprising that the car is a 2018 model and was running on older software long before Tesla announced its vision-based system, confirming that Tesla is conducting tests. You were setting up the Tesla Vision with the Tesla Vision when the Tesla Vision announced the removal of the sensor and you may not even know that Tesla hasn’t officially confirmed it.

    So we don’t know how many Tesla cars had Vision running in shadow mode, but the feature could be available in newer models released this year, such as the 2023 Model Y. Include carbon fiber accessories with automatic wipers for the new Model Y.

    Owners of the current model of the System Mini talk about the quality of the automatic wiping system. The last thing you want is to drive in the rain with a faulty wiping system, especially when you have friends and family with you, as Tesla is focused on ensuring maximum safety.

    For the sake of our customers, we are hoping to resolve this issue soon. Now let’s see what changes Tesla has made inside the car. Model Y You will notice that the rear seat has been raised by 1.2 mm for the left and right passenger, while the middle seat remains unchanged.

    The Model Y will finally have an automatic front trunk and the company’s website showed a closing animation for the new trunk in the latest software update. Tesla should have included this feature in the model long ago because EVs from other companies like GM Ford and even notorious rivals are coming with automatic trunks that can be opened and closed with the touch of a button.

    But better late than never as they say and to cut costs the brakes on the new model were also changed to smaller brakes hidden behind red calipers. The new model will also include a new suspension so that these new brakes do not affect the performance of the car when you are driving it.

    Tesla had already announced that they were going to change manufacturers for the older versions, model wise the stiffer suspension did not insulate the passengers over bumps. block roads or wind and road noise Elon Musk has promised to change that.

    And the latest Model Y has lived up to that promise. The latest Model Y suspension provides improved comfort in reduced road stiffness while maintaining the car’s agility and precision of Tesla vehicles. Elon Musk Tesla is a software company.

    Because it’s an automaker and the company is always looking for opportunities to add new technology to its vehicles, this time around the Model Y has its cameras to aid its full self-driving system. will greatly improve the quality of

    There are reports that the Tesla manufacturer is in the process of developing 5 megapixel cameras to replace the existing 1.2 megapixel cameras on the Model Y, however your new model may not come with the addition of 5.0 megapixel cameras on the older versions.

    Tesla’s impressive autopilot system will be better than anything we’ve ever had and will definitely improve driver safety and for gamers the new Model Y will have a Steam gaming system which means you can now play without even getting out of your car can play.

    Which is certainly pretty impressive considering you have to download games to store them locally, but the 2023 Remodel Y will have up to 80 gigabytes of dedicated game storage, so you won’t have to worry about getting external storage for now.

    Play games while the car is parked But it is possible that Tesla will upgrade this in the future as Tesla tries to improve the company, it will also have to deal with stiff competition from rivals, a 60% increase in EV registrations suggests More companies are joining the race.

    Creating a product to compete directly with Tesla for now, the Model Y’s biggest competitors are the Genesis GV60, the Kia EV6, as well as Volkswagen slowly moving into the EV industry with the new Audi Q4 e-tron, the iD4’s Base variant can do.

    42840 price range which is a good price for an EV but when you compare the performance and range of the car with the Model Y you can easily see why the Model Y beats all the competition in terms of software or technology. This makes Tesla a favorite among many.

    Equipping the ID4 will require more money if it wants to compete on the same level as the base Model Y. As long as you install additional features to the vehicle, its price will increase drastically but despite increasing competition and the Model Y and other Teslas with room for improvement, the Model Y remains Tesla’s most popular product.

    It is packed with several hi-tech features and drives better, thanks to its minimalistic interior design free from conventional button vents. With higher build quality than most SUVs in the market, the 2023 Model Y will be officially available from April to July this year, but some customers have already received their orders and are happy with the experience.

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