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    Recently Elon Musk has officially upgraded Tesla’s bot Elon Musk is very serious about it, last year he introduced a concept in a very strange way, this concept is called Tesla Bot. Now he is also delaying the production of Tesla’s car to develop the upgraded Optimus Sub Prime.

    As the name suggests it will be as good as the real Optimus Prime from the Transformers movie franchise, we all know how AI and robotics are eliminating many traditional jobs, claims the Tesla bot which is one of the Is going to be. Implementing this in the beginning itself can solve the problem of labor shortage.

    The Tesla bot, which was unveiled earlier this year, is said to have artificial intelligence skills and will be used to complete general-purpose repetitive tasks, Musk believes. A viable answer to the problem of scarcity is population growth in many countries. Japan and China are already slowing down and India’s population growth has also slowed down.

    We know that labor is the lifeline of every economy but if the birth rate falls year after year then sooner or later there will be labor shortage Elon Musk said that Tesla bot is the most important product development of the company and it will eventually be compared to the automotive industry More important, over time has the potential to become a normal substitute for human labor, labor capital is the foundation of the economy, equipment is essentially distilled labor is the basic obstacle to progress.

    Labor, there are not enough people, this cannot be emphasized enough, there are not enough people, Elon believes the biggest risk to civilization is the low and rapidly declining birth rate, as well as the time it takes to manufacture cars Seems like move through the queue at the speed of a walk, but the physics enable significantly higher throughput, perhaps tens to thousands of times faster, the importance of robotics in the manufacturing economy cannot be underestimated, a single factory can make 10 times more things , If a product takes 10 times less time, needless to say that humans are a hindrance.

    We can’t move as fast as a robot running 100 times faster, all processes must be automated to achieve maximum throughput, Tesla hasn’t forgotten about these ideas, although humans are an important aspect of every firm and are necessary to increase throughput, the fastest production rates are achieved through methods that eliminate human labor, having a humanoid robot help speed the process by taking people out of manufacturing. A humanoid robot might start by mimicking an existing process, before experimenting with alternative methods of speeding it up.

    Musk believes that who will foot the bill if human work is replaced, but that is a separate issue, adding that some sort of universal basic income will be necessary, something that is certain if physical work is replaced by machines. If it can be done, it is pointless for humans to do hard work, they don’t like it, while machines can do them better.

    Although many robotics and artificial intelligence experts have expressed reservations about Tesla’s bot project, citing the failure of robotics pioneers such as Boston Dynamics to commercialize technology that has been in development for years, let us not forget that Should have been similar to Musk’s announcement.

    A man in a skin-tight white suit and black helmet did a jerky robot dance on stage while Elon Musk stood in a Tesla mask covering AI Day, ushering in a new era of science fiction. A lifelike humanoid robot intended to ease the monotony of daily existence, the dummy bot was displayed as a showstopper at Tesla’s AI Day, in hopes of attracting talent to take part in the company’s engineers’ next development.

    The generation of automation, including general-purpose bipedal humanoid robots capable of performing dangerously monotonous or boring activities, is not an easy task, which is why Tesla executives said it is looking to expand its AI capabilities outside the fleet. Seeking Mechanical Electrical Control and Software Professionals. The Tesla bot vehicle, a prototype of which should be ready by next year, aims to perform dangerously repetitive and monotonous tasks, such as bending over to pick up something or going to the grocery store, for which Musk said Physical labor is required.

    Future He further said that Tesla is arguably the largest robotics company in the world, our cars are basically semi-sentient robots on wheels with autopilot and full self-driving, Tesla is creating the most advanced practical AI to navigate the real world And you can think of it as Tesla being the world’s largest robot company or semi-sentient robot company.

    According to Musk the car is like a robot running on four wheels, they could probably take that same technology, and put it into a humanoid robot and make that robot essentially useful for making a humanoid. Partly they need to develop some custom actuators and sensors and use Tesla full self-driving autopilot or generally real world navigation AI in humanoid robots.

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call that the humanoid robot is the most important product the business is working on this year ahead of the much-hyped Cybertruck and other cars like the Semi and Roadster. Musk believes that if this can be done, it has the potential to transform the economy.

    He said if you think about the economy, it’s the foundation of the economy, labor is capital, tools are distilled labor, so if you actually have labor what if, I’m less I’m not sure that What about the time economy?

    This is why it is so important that while advances in robotics have enabled companies to replace some people with machines, the limitations of existing technology mean that many duties must still be performed by humans, even That Elon Musk also clarified that Optimus is designed to move around and navigate the human world, eliminating risky repetitive and boring tasks.

    The robot is an example of Musk’s theatrics as he announced that Tesla is working on interesting accessories that will encourage employees to become consumers and that investor Optimus will be an early use of the company in the coming years, according to Musk. The engineers at the Tesla plant could certainly become the new economic foundation if they could achieve the sci-fi feat of creating humanoid robots capable of similar tasks.

    Any human worker is huge because it has to actually build such a robot and it has to do so before a rival develops its own humanoid robot, Tesla’s robot is still a long way from becoming a reality, Tesla’s no The prototype hasn’t been shown yet. When the concept was first revealed last August, Tesla would not introduce new vehicle models until 2022, according to Musk.

    As of Elon Musk’s most recent earnings call, he said Tesla is still grappling with a parts shortage, which is affecting production on a number of interesting projects, including the Cybertruck. Although the Semi and Roadster will continue to do a lot of engineering and tooling on stuff Tesla has already deployed, such as the Optimus humanoid robot, Musk has a habit of announcing products that are only prototypes, thus realizing a concept.

    Tesla presented the Semi Track during a late-night event outside Los Angeles in November 2017, but the vehicle has been delayed until 2022 at the earliest due to constraints in manufacturing the large battery cells, Tesla’s focus on renewable energy The focus is on. To accelerate the transformation of the world so that a humanoid can be added. It looks like the robot has a long way to go to become a reality Mask, with no indication of how the robots might fit into the company’s clean energy plans.

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