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Elon Musk Just QUIT Twitter!

    Elon Musk Just QUIT Twitter!

    I think it has tremendous potential that will be very difficult to achieve but I think it is possible and I think it could eventually be one of the most valuable companies in the world, the internet was our enabler when Elon Musk Took over.

    Twitter’s CEO Some people absolutely loved it and hoped for the best, but were counting down the minutes before Elon Musk threw in Elon Musk and quit or Twitter went bankrupt, while Twitter’s CEO I’ve definitely had more time than ever.

    Elon Musk has now decided to step down from his position as CEO and the new person in charge may surprise you but who is this controversial figure Twitter has really become the square of the town It is really important that people get the reality and There is a sense of perception that they are able to speak freely within the bounds of the law. A lot happened in 2022 but Musk’s acquisition of Twitter tops the list.

    After taking over as the CEO, the platform changed completely, whether for better or worse, the agitation against Kasturi did not stop, some people left the platform in protest against her becoming CEO and others resigned from their posts. given. Stepped down, claiming that he was not qualified enough to be the CEO of a social media platform to dilute the attention created by the acquisition.

    Elon Musk mentioned that he did not want to be the CEO of a company and would gradually reduce his role in Twitter and who can forget the infamous vote that Musk decided to leave Twitter in December last year. Elon Musk reiterated that he would abide by the results, noting that he would abide by the decision and that the results came in favor of nearly 10 million users or 57 voters.

    But in February he backtracked, saying that he would only offer the role if he found someone stupid enough to take his job, such as Mr. Beast and certain celebrities like Snoop Dogg. More than willing to take things out of Musk’s hands, but he wasn’t going to hand it over to anyone, the best CEO for Musk for Twitter would be someone who wouldn’t take it back to where it was in the past where you censor. Or as soon as you tweeted something a bunch of people didn’t agree with, it got banned.

    He wanted someone who would encourage diverse viewpoints and be as free speech oriented as he is or at least close to that and finding such a person is no easy feat, but the infamous Pol Kasturi finally managed to pick someone after six months. After finding enough nerds to do my job, my workload has increased from 70 to 8 hours a week.

    I won’t have to do that for a while, but I think once Twitter gets on the right track, I think it’s a lot easier to manage than SpaceX or Tesla’s 120 hours, which Elon Musk wouldn’t blame Elon Musk for getting Twitter. Back on track after spending $44 billion to protect free speech, but Elon Musk has always been there if he wasn’t willing to step down as CEO to protect his investment.

    Whether he acts on it later, one would expect, so when Musk finally announced he had a new CEO for Twitter, it’s fair to say the billionaire made the announcement on Twitter on May 11. People were more surprised by the announcement of IX. Twitter had appointed a new CEO in about six weeks, although it did not provide any details on who the new CEO would be.

    There was already some speculation about who Elon Musk might have chosen to take on the role, and on Friday, May 13, Elon Musk finally revealed who is taking over as CEO of Twitter, on the consumer side. There is a lack of discipline and honesty from where they are either giving fake news or not giving it to the advertiser. The real media that was promised is actually an industry-wide problem. Meet Linda Yacarino, Former President of Global Advertising and Partnerships at NBC Universal Announcing his appointment, Musk said on Twitter, “I’m excited to welcome Linda Yacarino as Twitter’s new CEO now that she joins the Board.

    She will primarily focus on the business aspect of Twitter, while Elon Musk focuses on product design and new technology, so who exactly is the new CEO, many of us may not know who he is. But Linda has a lot of clout in this. Advertising World He spent more than a decade as president of advertising at NBC Universal and has developed close relationships with marketers and advertising agencies globally that will be of great value to Twitter.

    When Elon Musk came on board, several advertisers left the stage in protest. Her leadership is so respected that someone as strong as Linda as Twitter’s new CEO fits very well with Musk’s goal of monetizing Twitter. And overall turning it into a must-have app for everyone. Remember that when he took over Twitter Musk explained that one of his goals was to make it an app like China’s WeChat and it seems to be doing that. He and Linda Hobe are believed to be working together to help Elon Musk, who is already slowly attracting creators to the platform through membership benefits.

    It’s possible that the way the app is run has changed significantly now that he’s on board, but even if the new CEO hasn’t started work, she’s already doing something that even Musk can’t do. . When he took over Linda finally got all of Twitter to agree on some [music] I’m sure there’s someone in this room who can disagree with that, can I get an appreciation for that? , which is shocking because it was probably the interview that got him the job at Twitter.

    Very impressed with him and it was hard to miss the mixed reactions when Elon Musk announced Yacarino as CEO of Twitter. Just as she was rumored to be Musk’s choice even before she made an official statement, Twitter users already skimming her resume discovered that she was actually coming on board because of her expertise in business partnerships and brand protection. but digging a bit more beyond her resume found a reason for Twitter users not wanting anywhere near the status quo.

    The ex-NBC universal execs associate with the former, after some controversial accounts such as Libs being appointed by President Donald Trump to the President’s Council on Sports Fitness and Nutrition after finding that liberals are extremely right-wing, he also follows people. which are considered correct. -Wing-as-lawyer Lynn Words is a former Trump attorney, so with all her connections that anger liberals, you’d think right-wing users would be excited about her new position, but they couldn’t be more mad.

    Knowing that Zaccarino was appointed as chairman of the Ad Council under President Biden and also collaborated with the Biden administration on the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, you can probably guess what’s wrong with the vaccine. Is. Vaccine skeptics weren’t too happy to hear of her role in the whole situation. It also doesn’t help Linda’s case that she is executive chair at the World Economic Forum, an international body for corporate interests that is criticized by both liberals and the right.

    Government that no one wants or even asked for and is trying to push a very obscure project called the Great Reset, Twitter started trending as soon as people started digging up all this information about his hashtag rip Mourning the loss of Twitter 2.0. Even comparing Elon Musk’s Linda to Bud Light Steel’s Dylan Mulvaney is a bad call. What Elon Musk is doing about the alleged insanity, so he still has about a month and a half to reverse it, but it doesn’t look like Elon Musk is going to back down just yet.

    Twitter is not going back to the way it was before and Shadow will not ban or suspend anyone for voicing their opinion, he also announced that both he and Linda will have a Twitter space where anyone can ask any question any answer. can do what they want but love or hate Linda’s expertise will be beneficial to running Twitter and she may be just the person Elon Musk needs to move forward with his plans to make Twitter a profitable business and top But knows the challenge of making his way and struggling to negotiate.

    This is one of the reasons why it is called Velvet Hammer. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Wall Street, even through its history, has had no problem working with people, regardless of their ideology, and that’s what Twitter may be like in the years to come. We don’t know what kind of changes she’ll bring to Twitter or what her Twitter Spaces interview will be like, but one thing’s for sure, Twitter is about to get a lot more interesting.

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