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Elon Musk JUST LAUNCHED Sales Of $9,900 Tesla House TODAY!

    Elon Musk JUST LAUNCHED Sales Of $9,900 Tesla House TODAY!

    Elon Musk, one of the three richest people on the planet, has sold almost all real estate and lives in a prefabricated house. This house is located in Starbase Texas. SpaceX builds rockets there. Musk has rented this house from his phone company SpaceX. But come on my main house is actually a fifties.

    The thousand dollar house in the Boca Chica star base that I rent from SpaceX is great, although he wrote that he also has an event house in the Bay Area, Elon Musk is the man who wants to make the world a better place Want to modernize existing technologies for

    The conquest of space and the popularity of electric cars over the past decade have catapulted Tesla to the forefront of the electric vehicle market, creating innovative cars with compelling cultural appeal, speed, unsurpassed efficiency and a level of environmental awareness that has sent shockwaves throughout the automotive industry. Revolution has been brought. Industry. The industry has been forced to pause and look in the mirror to rethink its values, strategy and future; Now the entrepreneur has decided to take steps in all directions.

    Production of Compact House As we mentioned above Musk has sold his real estate and lives in a small house. These are the houses that will sell for less. How will Elon Musk’s house be, according to rumors, it will cost around nine thousand nine hundred dollars is the real price Elon Musk’s apartment building in Texas is the Boxable Casita which is a folding prefabricated house with an area of only 37 square meters Quick K is designed for.

    Installation and maximum accessibility It is indeed a manufacturer that is easy to assemble and disassemble, but at the same time the housing is durable made of solid panels and steel, easy to transport even a powerful Tesla model three passenger car, This would be stretching it politely. It’s hard to call Tesla company’s new house a home, these houses have been designed by housing startup Boxable and according to the manufacturer have a very lightweight folding structure.

    It is possible to completely assemble and disassemble the house in a few hours. Despite the fact that the house occupies an area of ​​only 35 square meters, everything in it is designed very compactly and conveniently divides the interior into four parts. There is a comfortable living room, a bedroom and a stylish bathroom, a full-size kitchen with a breakfast bar, the ceiling height is 2.7 meters, light enters through large windows.

    Additional lighting is achieved thanks to LED lamps, a low cabinet with an electric fireplace serves as an elegant partition separating the living room from the bedroom. The manufacturer paid a lot of attention to the kitchen, which in such houses is more for show than for performing its direct functions, there is also a refrigerator, a stove, a double sink and a dishwasher, a large number of dishes will fit in it.

    Hanging cabinets and there should be somewhere to move while cooking, instead of a shower it is attached to the bathroom. There is a shower cabin, while there is also a dressing table. Elon carries a large number of hygiene items here.

    Elon Musk quite calmly writes his tweets that Tesla’s houses will be able to reduce the cost of building comfortable houses by 50 percent, he builds houses from two blocks nine meters high, which can be connected to each other in various ways. Coated with magnesium oxide, the houses are fireproof, waterproof and resistant to mold.

    The process of buying a home from the boxy looking home looks simple, the buyer selects the layout and the builder assembles the home like a Lego constructor, it is also likely that these homes will have the pre-installed Miracle Battery Powerwall from Tesla. Electricity can supply energy to private homes and commercial enterprises, according to the creators or the way they service their product, this battery will generate electrical energy from solar panels.

    So that the owner essentially becomes the owner of his own private power plant. Most likely all electricity in the house will be from solar panels, Alona Muscat’s solar roof doesn’t differ in appearance from a conventional roof, except when viewed from a right angle. Turns out that this is an unusual tile, but a small solar panel is the traditional photovoltaic cell installed on the roofs of houses, despite the efforts of their designers and architects.

    Don’t look very nice, not only do they require a special assembly system, but their appearance detracts from the single roof structure and spoils its aesthetics, the Tesla tile is actually this Solar City company, whose flagship Elon the Musk looks like a simple tile and is primarily a tiled roof, the Solar Roof premiered in October 2016, but has only been on sale in the United States since May 2017.

    Solar roofs should be available all over the world, but so far the list of countries in Europe is small. It can be bought in Germany and the UK, with the price depending on the location of the house and consequently the amount of solar cells and number of batteries needed to store the energy and since Tesla’s house can be placed anywhere , this seems like a good solution Elon Musk cares a lot about the environment.

    It is a fact that they will probably be built using passive house technology to compensate for the losses incurred from the production and operation of new houses. The house requires ninety percent less energy than a typical house, the remaining ten percent can be easily filled by the occupants’ body heat, sunlight, bulbs, appliances, etc.

    Elon Musk’s modest home is located in the Boca Chica area of Texas. This is where the private SpaceX spaceport is located, from where the Falcon 9 launch vehicles launch the Crew Dragon spacecraft and Starship prototypes for flights to Mars. The company actively recruits new employees.

    So in the future it intends to build a small town so that the workers do not have to travel far, with plans to settle on the border between the United States and Mexico in an area that officially belongs to the workers’ children. No will attend the Brownsville School, which can be reached by bus in about 20 minutes.

    So the first Tesla houses will be occupied by Tesla employees, according to Elon Musk the star base will have a population of several thousand people in a few years, the company is already in dire need of engineers, builders and maintenance personnel, so let’s all move to Texas Go away Be advised, the housing problem remains a serious problem in many countries, including the US.

    The high cost of finished housing, as well as the land plot and building materials will solve the problem for many families knowingly getting themselves into debt bondage for many years by taking a mortgage to rent an apartment or buy a mobile home. According to the reviews of people living in such houses, the construction of mobile housing using the problem will help solve the housing problems of many families.

    Living in such a house would be uncomfortable or very expensive in winter due to rising heating costs. Companies manufacturing such houses use materials with low heat dissipation applying innovative technologies that help it to be built quickly and at the same time make it suitable for year-round use. Surviving and Resistant to Seismic Ups and Downs There are rumors that the Tesla company’s houses will be modular, with individual parts assembled into a single structure.

    Each section serves its purpose and is equipped with the necessary communications, the finished module is brought to the construction site and assembled. An interesting technical solution in a single structure are self-folding mo gaol houses manufactured by the company Tenfold Engineering, when assembled, it is placed in a standard container and after unloading at the installation site is transported by truck to the installation site is visited.

    It will remain to bring furniture to such a cot in a building with an area of \u200b\u200b60 square meters, when the structure is completed because communications have already been installed in it and lamps operating from solar panels from different manufacturers are manufactured in. The designs that constitute the types of mobile housing differ in interior and exterior decoration. And so the living conditions but as we know Elon Musk wants to build houses with different construction technology.

    So with different price ranges so that people can choose what they like these houses will definitely be very environment friendly as we have mentioned a little above that experts have actually used these huge amount of fuel extracted from underground. The result used in was shocking. The largest share of modern energy consumption was used for heating, more than a third of buildings. This should be immediately clear to those who are well versed in physics. Turns out it can be done more efficiently.


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