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Elon Musk Just FIRED The Twitter Board!

    Elon Musk

    Elon Musk just made twitter private Elon Musk just made twitter private As a result twitter board is now jobless what is the remittance package for outgoing board and when will there be a new twitter board join us today in this video we will do it Find out how Elon just fired the Twitter board.

    The Twitter board was jobless as soon as the Tesla billionaire bought 100 stock in the US micro-blocking site, it is outgoing Twitter board chairman Brad Taylor who confirmed that the board had finally struck a deal with the Tesla founder via a tweet. Medium wrote that the Twitter board has reached an agreement with Elon Musk as I just mentioned.

    The outgoing Twitter board was led by Brett Taylor as Chair Parag Agarwal is the outgoing CEO and previously served as Chief Technical Officer. Notable former board members are Jack Dorsey who is a Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack stepped down as CEO in November last year and was set to leave the board in May.

    The year the Tesla boss took issue with the Twitter board when it took a poison pill planning approach against him, the plan was to discourage Elon from buying the company with the new method, the board had the opportunity to create more shares, Elon should have more than one 14.9 stake in the social media platform By that time Elon’s stake in the company was 9.2 percent.

    All other shareholders, which it bought for $2.9 billion, were to be allowed to buy new shares at a discount, except for the party that wanted to take over. In this case the company-private Elon Musk poison pill plan was for one year and was due to expire the next year, although Jack Dorsey, a board member, did not support the board’s move to adopt the poison pill plan.

    He is perhaps the only board member supporting Elon’s move. Saudi Arabian Prince Ala Lawid bin Talal was the first to oppose Kasturi’s offer via a tweet that read, “I don’t believe that . The $54 and 20 cents per share offer by Elon Musk comes close to the intrinsic value of Twitter.

    As one of the largest and long-term shareholders of the Twitter empire given its growth prospects and I decline the offer Tesla’s founder criticized the board Rejecting his offer the tech icon threatened to take the company Will take up the issue of acquisition of the company with the shareholders.

    If the board continues with its tough stance, they argued that shareholders should have the final say as they are the true owners of the company. There will be consequences, as revealed in a tweet by Elon Musk, who wrote that if the current Twitter board takes actions contrary to shareholder interest, they will be in breach of their fiduciary duty.


    The responsibility they will assume. In documents filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to be Titanic, the tech billionaire indicates that the board should accept his offering price because it is his best and last for the better part of this year, Twitter’s share price significantly. The price has only gone up to 47 percent after the Tesla boss bought the 9.2 stake.

    How influential is Elon Musk in the social media site, his one tweet is enough to make cryptocurrency prices fluctuate, the tech genius’ fame has worked in equal measure to his gains and losses because Musk is a great Twitter beneficiary. He uses the platform to promote and market his companies.

    In fact, their Eway maker Tesla uses very little money to advertise their cars, unlike other auto companies that spend millions of dollars advertising, Elon’s fame has attracted many critics and has been overwhelming. Has been punished for tweets that officials were punished for misleading elon musk.

    Twitter was probably angry with the board for delaying its plan to take the social media platform private. Te as he promised to eliminate the Twitter board’s salary, he revealed in a tweet that if my bid is successful the board’s salary would be zero dollars, hence a savings of three million dollars a year, while Twitter The board is to be dismissed.

    No longer a threat, given that the Tesla billionaire has managed to take the company private on average, with each Twitter board member taking in about two hundred and fifty thousand to three hundred thousand dollars per year, Musk considers the payment to the board unfair. Because board members are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.

    Those who have the responsibility of running the affairs of the company, most people consider board work more of a part-time job as their role is passive. It is surprising to learn that all 11 board members own a mere 2.37 stake in Twitter, So the stake goes down to as low as .12 for 10 board members. Owns only one share in the social media company.

    The biggest advantage that the board gets is that they will have little to lose in terms of their salary and share ownership, which explains the reason why the board members were opposing the takeover of the company. This can make them unemployed. This is a big blow to the Twitter board which is taking huge advantage of the microblogging site.

    Jack Dorsey is set to be the biggest gainer after tech billionaire Elon Musk bought Dorsey, a 2.25 percent company owned by the company. bout eighteen million forty two thousand four hundred and twenty eight shares Elon has therefore amassed nearly a billion dollars in cash, with the microblogging site being taken private for fifty four and twenty cents per share.

    Dorsey has long refused a salary. While former board chairman Omid Kordestani will receive a payout of $50.6 million, the biggest beneficiary of them all is Vanguard Group.

    Owners of its 10.3 stake in the company will receive $4.542 billion, with the Kingdom Holding Company headed by Saudi Prince Talal receiving $2.9 billion given that it owns a 5.2 stake in Twitter. The old Twitter board has now sacked Tesla billionaire’s 100 stake m. Have promised to get a new board even after buying.

    Musk has promised that Twitter will still have some shareholders, he revealed in a tweet, adding that we will strive to have as many shareholders as possible in privatized Twitter, as permitted by law. A private limited company like Twitter will now have a minimum of one board member and a maximum of 50 board members.

    Elon Musk will be on the board as the company is now hiss, also very likely to have former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on the board as he has been one of the biggest proponents of the takeover. It would also be beneficial for Musk to have Jack on his board as social He has rich experience in media platforms.

    Dorsey has been in Twitter from the word Go, in fact he is the one who made the first ever tweet on the platform Parag Aggarwal has high chances of staying as CEO which will happen automatically.

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