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Elon Musk Just Exposed The Dark Truth Behind Twitter

    Just revealed on twitter it’s been a long time since the news of the acquisition of what is it twitter broke with the passage of time twitter is facing a lot of problems playing the role of twitter CEO but recently he has taken over the walls of twitter.

    Media is planning to block the $44 billion acquisition of the network.

    Because he checks on fake and spam accounts. e Platforms Although Musk later clarified that he was committed to the deal, he didn’t harp on the account issue as he took to his team on Twitter.

    Twitter reported in its most recent financial filing that its platform contained false or spam accounts. Also valid monetizable daily active users estimated internally of 1 sample of accounts we reviewed for mdows company reports in its annual earnings report in the first quarter of the year.

    That represented on average false or spam accounts during the first quarter of 2022, less than 5 percent of our MDOs during the quarter were periods, as acknowledged by the Company. grew our user base from one million to 1.9 million during the past three years.

    The company wrote in March of 2019 that we launched the feature, which allowed people to link multiple different accounts in one go so that they could easily switch between accounts, revealing that an error had been made at the time. It was stated that the action is done through the primary account 2.

    As a result all linkedunts are counted as MDOs, though Kasturi is shown his curiosity on social media. Experts can be justified in disinformation and statistical analysis for states that their suggested approach tends to over-analyze the data.

    lacks because the promised gay Musk said he’d find out how fake the spam is and duplicate accounts exist on Twitter Following these steps, Musk asked my team to find 100 followers on Twitter from people will do a random sample of.

    I invite others to repeat the same process and see if they find that they clarified their methodology in the following tweets. Also adding pic count with followers and ignoring first 1000 followers.

    Then choosing every tenth I’m open to better ideas on said they chose 100 as a sample size study without providing any evidence to support this claim because that’s the number that Twitter calls its 2.

    Calculate earnings figures for quarterly report he tweeted recently Is.

    that I chose 100 as the sample size number because that is what Twitter uses to count fake spam. Less than five percent of duplicates were asked whether the method described by Twitter in their article was accurate. The company declined to comment. done.

    Dustin Moskowitz co-founder of Facebook tweeted about the issue on his Twitter account that the approach to music isn’t truly random. and uses a very small sample which also results in a large error margin.

    I don’t trust the Twitter team, I think it’s a red flag of its own kind to help pull the sample, in fact the founder and CEO of bot watchdog Christopher Buss said in an interview with CNBC in an interview with CNBC. With indicates the analysis by their company.

    That’s probably 15 out of 10 Twitter accounts. are illegal or unauthorized including fake spammers, nefarious bot duplicates and single purpose hate accounts that are usually targeted and harassed by other parties spreading misinformation. Purpose This is the power of the bot Sentinel which is mostly funded by Crow funding and uses a combination of the machine to conduct an independent analysis of Twitter chatter and unauthorized access.

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