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Elon Musk JUST Exposed Bill Gates’s SHADINESS

    Elon Musk

    Bill Gates and Elon Musk don’t exactly see eye to eye, while the Microsoft billionaire and the Tesla and SpaceX titan have never had a particularly warm relationship, things have heated up over the past 12 to 18 months as both Openly said about everything.

    Electric Vehicles for the Current Pandemic Now Elon Musk Exposes Bill Gates Who is Shortening Tesla So What’s Really Between Elon Musk and Bill Gates Elon Musk is currently widely known for his tweets to the world’s richest man Se is known for his tweets on almost everything in the universe.

    The 50-year-old American billionaire always manages to shake up the news cycle for challenging Vladimir Putin to a single fight. Now it seems that Musk, along with fellow billionaire Bill Gates, launched a verbal scathing attack in a series of leaked text messages.

    Gates was proposing a possible meeting with Elon Musk to discuss the possibilities of philanthropy, but Elon Musk was unwilling to do so, even after Gates admitted he had not closed his short position at Tesla.

    A user identified as the Entire Mars Catalog took to Twitter to share an alleged conversation between billionaires after Musk asked if Gates had a half-billion dollar short position on Tesla, the user said. That Gates responded by telling Elon Musk that he has not turned it down.

    Elon Musk instead called for Gates to be lost, the user ending his tweet by saying he was unsure that the user tagged Elon Musk in a post-conversation tweet asking if the conversation was true Elon Musk.

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    Elon immediately confirmed the reply, although he said he did not leak details to the New York Times. Musk said the media organization may have found conversations through Friends of Friends. Musk said he heard from several people at TED that Gates was still half a billion dollars less than Tesla.

    This was the reason why he asked Gates and as early as 21 it was not top secret, there were reports of a conflict between Musk and Ga. Tess the SpaceX boss claimed that Bill Gates was betting the stock market against Tesla, Ever since Gates’ alleged shortage of Tesla stock was the talk of the town.

    There were instances in the past where Gates would dismiss electric trucks such as the Tesla Semi, but Elon Musk countered those claims, although on several occasions in 2021, Musk said that Gates had a large short position on Tesla, hence the capital What is the shortfall of selling a security in the market at no cost and then buying it at a lower price.

    Short selling as shorting, also called short selling, is usually done with the objective of making a profit by buying securities at a lower price, then buying the same securities to book the profit/loss once shorting is done.

    There were rumors that Gates held a short position against Tesla, but he never actually confirmed whether he had made any sort of investment in the automaker stock. February 2021 cnbc Interview with Gates stopped talking about his position. Denied Tesla CEO Elon Musk was recently on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

    And guess Bill Gates was shorting Tesla stock so I asked Bill Gates to set the record straight, I think Elon Stumble Tesla is fantastic. It’s probably the single biggest contribution, you know, in showing us that electric cars are part of the solution to climate change and that it now faces the challenge of carbon removal.

    So we need more Elon Musk we need one for steel and cement and all different categories so you’re not sure Tesla stock just so we’re clear yeah I’m no I don’t talk about my investments But I think that’s what he did.

    He should be very proud of that. Although only a few days later in an interview Bloomberg Gates shed more light on his position, basically admitting to shorting the stock I understand you own a Porsche electric car.

    Elon has claimed in the past that you shorted Tesla and I wonder if there is any truth to that uh well you know I think Tesla is an amazing company uh I wish I knew you Would have been more along with you.

    but you know i mean you know it’s great and you know i have a lot of relatives who own tesla that i uh helped shop for them so you know tesla and its Don’t know anything but positive thoughts about roles.

    Gates’ short position certainly raises red flags Tesla has been a leading force in the transition to electric vehicles and its energy sector has launched both residential and commercial energy.

    Since the creation of the company’s storage and solar regeneration projects it is difficult for any environmentalist or climate change philanthropist to justify a low position on the stock that has to do with sustainability. Elon Musk’s hesitation seems justified, especially when the gates are wide open.

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